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Barcelona Zoo is located in the green heart of the historic center of Barcelona, ​​located in the  Parc de la Ciutadella.  This location was the preferred for buildings stood inches by Universial exhibition (1888) Barcelona Zoo has recreated the ordinary way for the animals to live on, and opened the day at  Merce. 

The place is great to visit with families and children, as the Barcelona Zoo offers many activities for the younger ones. Children will be given the opportunity to have fun and learn new things during the visit. One can for example keep birthdays, parts veneer can congratulate them if you wish. You can also participate in Saturday with experiences, where children can learn about animals and their history in a fun way. Furthermore, there Sundays with experiences for the whole family, which is very popular.

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Zoo shows over 4000 animals originating from over 400 breeds everything from; tropical birds, reptiles, dolphins and cats. Barcelona Zoo also provides services to the visits families who are all from: restaurants, picnic areas, bars, riding on horses and electric cars.

The highlight of this particular zoo is delefinshowet, show starts every day at. 11:30 pm. 13:30 pm. 14:60. Remember to enjoy this! [/ box]

You will also be pleased to hear that Barcelona home has one of the largest collections of animals across Europe, from the years 1966-2004, the Zoo star was  Snowflake,  the only albino gorilla.

If you live near the center of Barcelona or close to Parc de la Ciutadella, so do not miss the chance to take your family and children to Barcelona Zoo and get as much as possible out of your day. It is possible to book a ticket are online. 

Each animal has their own area, so they can feel as much like home as possible. This is one of the many facilities to enjoy during the visit.

By ELSA yard, better known as the Children’s Zoo, which is home to live; goats, sheep, pigs and horses. This area gives children the freedom to be in contact with farm animals. The farm is naturally monitored by the employees so that the children are safe. Furthermore, it is also possible to take a walk with the pony, stroking a rabbit, or see the stables where the animals are.

Practisk Information

  • Addressees Barcelona Zoo Parc de la Ciutadella s / n 08003 Barcelona Phone: 45 902 75 45
  • Transport: Barcelona Zoo is centrally located in Barcelona, ​​at the Park of the Ciutadella. There are two ways to get there: one through the Park of the Ciutadella and the other through Carrer Wellington, beside the Passeig de Circumval·lació (ring road).
  • Website
  • Prices: Adults: € 3 Children: € 2.5 Zoo members and retirees: 2.5 € Schools: € 2
  • Hours: Barcelona Zoo is open every day of the year. See caller and hours   and come visit Barcelona Zoo.

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