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Carrer del Parlament- a visit to food paradise

Carrer del Parlament: a visit to food paradise

Carrer del Parlament: a visit to food paradise

Barcelona is all about food. One step outside and you’re overloaded with restaurants, bars, pubs and we’re not even speaking about the many bakeries and other stores filled with home-made food. However we’ve found the one street where all kinds of shops and restaurants are located. Carrer del Parlament is the place-to-be when you’re looking for something else. It’s located in the Sant Antoni district, known among many expats and locals for it’s small gems. Carrer del Parlament is a short street that spans over 3 blocks on the edge of the Sant Antoni district. Over the last few years, the amount of bars and restaurant in this street has grown and it’s now the main place to go for a tasty break. We’ve listed several types of establishments, because there’s such a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

Federal Cafe

You may have seen Federal cafe passing by on our blog about the cafés in Sant Antoni, but it’s too good not to mention it here as well. Two Australian owners have set up this place in a typical Aussie way, named after the village Federal in Australia. Many students go there for the relaxed atmosphere. Perfect if you want to study together with a couple of friends. During summer, the rooftop terrace can be your getaway from the crowded city. It’s filled with tropical plants and decorated with rustic, wooden structures. Their menu is also inspired on Australian dishes combined with typical, local ingredients. Many people visit because of Federal’s amazing weekend brunch or breakfast during the week. You can see the city waking up from inside while you’re nipping from a warm coffee. Their kitchen is open throughout the day, so you can stop by whenever you are in the need for a quick bite.

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 39


La donuteria

Who doesn’t love the taste of a filled donut, freshly fried. In La Donuteria they don’t sell anything else. Fresh donuts that they always make in small batches. Whatever time you decide to drop in, you’ll have the freshest donuts to taste and take home. I personally always have an internal debate when going to a shop and making choices. I recently discovered that they post the variety of donuts they’re selling on Instagram, as their offerings change each day. There are a couple of all-time favorites, but the chef likes to try out new flavours and combinations. So for everyone out there who feels the same and can’t make up their mind, they have the solution for you! And while you’re looking at the daily choice, you’ll also get a glance at how their donuts are made and what the result looks like. And I can promise you, it’s a wonder for your tastebuds. Enter with caution, you’ll be addicted in no time!

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 20


Turronería Sirvent

The thing that I love about the Spanish language and culture is that they have shops that sell very specific goods, for example the pastisseria’s that only sell pastries. And there are also Turronería’s selling Turrón. It’s a typical treat for Christmas, make sure to get your batch in time for Christmas! Its taste can be compared to nougat, but it’s not completely the same. The typical drink that goes with this treat is the Valencian horchata. Turronería Sirvent started in the 1920s with making the native turron from Xixona. There is another variant called Alicant, originating in Alicante in the Valencian province. The shop has grown since these days and now has a small factory where the turrones are made. The turrones are still made by the same recipe as so many years ago, making it one of the busiest shops during Christmas and highly valued among the Spanish population. They still sell the horchata drink, along with sweet ice cream and slush puppies during summer.

Address: Carrer del Parlament 56


Bodega Vinito

This bodega started out as an ordinary bodega selling wine, but over the years they have become increasingly popular. They sold wines and spirits by the bottle and some of the wines you could tap from the barrel. This is typical for a Spanish bodega. Nowadays it’s a bodega and a bar combined, where you can enjoy local Catalan and Spanish wines. Bodega Vinito also created their own vermouth, vermut de la casaYou don’t just drink some wine when visiting a bar, having a nice side dish is recommended. Whether you’re looking for some tapas or just a quick appetizer, you’ll find either in their local dishes. Because they have special wines and local tapas, it may be a good idea to ask the waiter or bartender what they recommend as a combination.

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 27



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