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Being around the Gothic-Quarter in Barcelona

Being around the gothic-quarter in Barcelona…

This is not a neighbour where you can visit trendy shops, bars or take pictures for your snapchat “story”.. the gothic quarter in Barcelona its one of this “experiences” of awe that you get once in a life time. This is a unique place in the world like you have never visited before, it has a unique atmosphere surrounded by people from all over the world, the diversity and multicultural approach towards the city in this spot is magnificent.

Every time I walk around the gothic-quarter with my coffee or my Argentinian mate early in the morning and i start getting deep into my thoughts to start the day due to the close approach to history you get to feel by being near this monuments and old gothic buildings full of history and memorable moments that left a print behind on the history of this amazing city.

This is the heart of the old city of Barcelona, it comes from la ramble until via Laietana and it stretches from the mediterranean seafront to ronda de Sant Pere. Although a long time has passed we can still get to see buildings and monuments from the roman and also medieval times which are the old settlement of Barcelona.

One of the most important things you should do once you are in the gothic area is to visit the cathedral, the multicultural approach, the diversity of the people, the coffees, bars and restaurants will make you disconnect from your daily routine and open your mind to different experiences.

If at this point you are still following my advice I fully recommend you to take a walk tour around the gothic quarter and to find out about the stories and legends behind Barcelona ́s most antique zone.

And to finish this improvised gothic tour like it deserves to be finished. The Els Quatre Gats bar.. this bar has been serving drinks and typical Spanish tapas since the late 19th century. Pablo Picasso and Gaudì used to visit this bar frequently, after visiting this place you will realise where they got all their inspiration and unique creativity.

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Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!

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