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Great city, great people

Great city, great people with a wonderful mentality! If you have never been to Barcelona before, this destination definitely has to be on your to-do-list. The city is overwhelming – first of all you have the stunning sandy beach which reminds me of Miami. There is a muscle beach as well as a beach promenade with plenty of palms. The people in the city are very sporty, you can see joggers everywhere. In contrast Spanish people also seem to be gourmets. The restaurants are well-attended at any time and at any place, the people love to sit outside and to just enjoy their life with a glass of Spanish wine. Don’t miss the pretty restaurants in the side roads.

All the streets are crowded until late at night especially La Rambla. There you can find my favourite market – La Boqueria. You can get Spanish specialities, fresh fruits and healthy juices. You can feel the cultural heritage of Cataluña in almost every building. A lot of artists have lived in Barcelona and you can discover their artworks and statues all around the city. Fernando Botero for example created el gato del Raval near La Rambla. Finally, you can see the skyline of the hills and mountains at the end of the city, which are inviting everyone to climb them and have a stunning view of Barcelona which is a great way to fade away.

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Written by: xavi


Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!


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