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    In this section you can find all about leisure in Barcelona – best Shopping places and Markets, where to do Sports or Party, which Beaches to visit.

New Year’s Eve party in Barcelona

New Year's Eve Party (1)

Take a look at the Best Clubs to celebrate the New Years in Barcelona Treat yourself to a fantastic New Years Eve party in Barcelona! The pulse of the city really starts to rise after 12 or 1 AM in ...

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Barcelona Itinerary for Barça fans

hidden spots ofbarcelonato table (1)

Being the hometown of FC Barcelona, one of the best football teams in the world, gives a truly big impact on the city and has made Barcelona a great football destination. If you are football fans coming here for a weekend you have all ...

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Bachelorette party in Barcelona

Cocktail Bars Barcelona

So you’re getting ready to spend the rest of your life with your love. To count down the nights to your magical wedding day you and your girls just have to have a bachelorette party. where better than in Barcelona? A ...

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Nudist Beaches of Sitges

Nudist Beaches of Sitges

Sitges has a total of 22 precious beaches, of which 3 are nudist beaches. The nudist beaches of Sitges are located both at each end of the village and if you’re a fan of the nude beach phenomenon, they’re worth checking ...

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How to Celebrate Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween in Barcelona (1)

So you’ve found yourself in Barcelona this Halloween, well let’s start with what you should know. Halloween is celebrated differently in Spain, it is a two-day event; on the 31st of October you’ll find all the costumes and crazy parties and on ...

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Best Yoga places in Barcelona


Sometimes when you find yourself in a new place or a new country it can be disorienting to find the perfect place for your yoga practice. This will not happen to you in Barcelona! Whether you are coming to yoga for the ...

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Your guide to play football in Barcelona

Let´s play (1)

There’s no secret that Barcelona is famous for presenting world-class football, by being the hometown for one of the best teams in the world, FC Barcelona. If you for some reason have missed this, the city will inform you soon enough for sure. ...

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Reliable sports ticket shop in Barcelona

FC Barcelona Fan

Interested in sports? Football, tennis or even formula 1? We can present to you where to buy tickets for all kinds of sports all over the world. Don’t miss the chance to see your favorite football players or other stars ...

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Nova Mar Bella

Beach 4

Stretching 500m across the Catalan coast, Nova Mar Bella beach together with Mar Bella is one of the most popular around Barcelona. It is one of the most northerly beaches if the city, with a peaceful setting for a relaxing day ...

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