In order to meet the needs of companies, Barcelona-Home offers accommodation service and reservation for short and long term stay from its portfolio of flats, rooms and houses rented to third parties.

Barcelona-home offers the possibility of affiliation to various companies, organizations, institutions, entities, whose clients express their need for accommodation in the city.


Through our affiliate program, the affiliate company receives a commission for each booking promoting among their customers through technological resources provided by Barcelona-home: self-installed widgets.

  1. Barcelona-home will create a personal booking widget for the corporate website.
  2. The company is responsible for installing the source code of the booking widget on its website.
  3. Barcelona-home undertakes to provide the technical assistance necessary for the personalization and customization of the widget on the company web page.
  4. Once the Booking Widget has been installed, Barcelona-home gives to affiliate company the access to the affiliate back office in order to have the control on the updated transactions.


We set for the affiliate company a commission of 20% on the amount of a daily rental booking, and 10% of the amount of a monthly rental booking. The commissions will be applied only after any closed reservation, so after the payment of the booking fee trough Barcelona-home web page.
The credit period is set monthly, on the comings 4 or 5 of each month to the bank account or Pay Pal account of the affiliate company.
Commissions are paid by bank transfer or through PayPal and according to the following criteria:

  1. The commission of the first booking will be accounted by making a minimum of 2 bookings.
  2. Commissions are paid monthly, once a minimum of € 100 will be reached. In the case of failure to achieve this minimum, the payment will be added to the following month.
  3. If in 4 consecutive months the company has not reached the minimum of € 100, Barcelona-home will pay the amount corresponding to the commission gained at that moment.


Customer data supplied by the affiliate company, are a property of this company and only useful within this program.


The affiliate program extends for one year from the date of this agreement and will be automatically renewed each year unless expression from both sides of changes, amendments or termination of this agreement by contacting our team at

Barcelona-home: Marketing and Development Business Department