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lego apartment barcelona

Lego style apartment in Barcelona

The Magical Cube

Do you remember the creativity and curiosity you had as a kid? Nothing could stop you from thinking big, having great ambitions and having the power to do just as you wanted to. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one imaging that I had a secret little room hidden behind one of my closet doors, Christian actually does that! He took a childhood fantasy and made it into his real life in Barcelona.

Growing up it was like the world was your playground, and you could organize it exactly as you wanted too!

Tiny apartment in Born district

Christian Schallert decided to make his apartment into a functional playground, filled with Lego for adults.

The classic feeling of not having a big enough apartment, or not having enough room for your stuff, is not the case here. The apartment is turned into a magical place, filled with secret storages room.

We all know the feeling of lying perfect on the bed, and then realizing that you forget your coffee in the kitchen, or the TV remote somewhere. In this apartment it is not even possible to forget something too far away. This room has all it needs, and it is all nearby! Even the bed is a bed and a sofa at the same time. The entire apartment a so multifunctional, that it has everything, in one thing.

Behind every door in this room, there is something hidden. It might take some time to remember where it all is, since all the doors are the same. On the other hand this apartment is perfect for lazy people, since it forces you to keep it clean; otherwise you can just hide the mess inside one of the many closets.

The design is so simple and timeless, it is all the tiny details that counts, like the sheep blankets and the red chairs.

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The most perfect thing about this magical room is the terrace! This home is only 24m2, and it still has a balcony with room enough for 10 people. The balcony is so simple and modern, but still with a personal touch like; the little Japanese inspired table and the plant. From the balcony you will see the most stunning view over the beautiful Barcelona!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the creativity and inspiration the build a home like this? We are all able to do it, we just need to be in a city like Barcelona that inspires us, and encourage us to believe that everything is possible, even a fully functional and cozy apartment on only 24m2.

If you are curious about apartments and buildings like this, then do yourself a favor and visit the amazing Barcelona.

This magical cube tells us all ones again that: less is more

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