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Honeymoon in Barcelona – Tips to Make It Memorable

Make your honeymoon in Barcelona memorable by
windsurfing on beaches, sitting on sprawling mountains, strolling beautiful
parks, exploring festivals, etc.

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Barcelona is a top exotic destination for couples and romantics. The city has
terrific weather, beaches, spas, magnificent architecture, art, and a flurry of
festivals. And don’t forget their unique dining culture and music.
Although you can visit Barcelona any time of the year, the best time for a
honeymoon holiday would be May- June, and September-October. It is also magical during the winter, which runs from November to January. So, if you
plan to spend your honeymoon in Barcelona, here are things to do or places
to visit to make your visit memorable.


Enjoy the Romantic Views
Barcelona is blessed with the most romantic places in the world, from the
sprawling mountain views that offer you breathtaking views of Barcelona to
the beautiful parks. These are the most romantic places to visit.
● Visit Park Guell
Park Guell was designed by a famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, and it is an
excellent place for couples to visit. It is beautiful, and its landscape is well-
maintained. The park is decorated with stunning mosaics and caves. And
while on your honeymoon, you’ll see other couples taking a stroll and taking
You can sit on the terrace, which offers fantastic city views. Visit the park in
the evening to enjoy the sunset from the terrace. The park is open from
8.30 am to 6.30 pm.
● Mount Tibidabo
If you want to have a wholesome view of Barcelona, take a trip via tram ride
to Mount Tibidabo. You can sit at the hilltop and marvel at the beauty of
Barcelona. You can also visit the amusement park while there.
● Montserrat
A honeymoon holiday to Barcelona would not be complete without a trip to
Montserrat. Take a cogwheel train ride and enjoy picturesque views of the
Pyrenees and Catalonia. While there, make sure to visit the Benedictine
Monastery to learn more about the history of Barcelona.


Engage in Romantic Activities

The purpose of a honeymoon is to spend time together and form a stronger
bond. You can do this by engaging in the following romantic activities.
● Go Shopping Together
It always brings limitless joy to explore and shop in other countries. So
make sure to buy some trinkets and gifts for folks back home. For instance,
if your in-laws love camping, you should search for the best gifts for
camping enthusiasts.
● Watch Font Magica at Montjuic
There is something magical about leaning on your partner as you watch the
water fountain show at Montjuic. The fountain showcases over 50 shades of
color following seamlessly choreographed music. So, ask your hotel to pack
a picnic basket and find a comfortable place to sit as you enjoy the show.
The water fountain show is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. However, it
temporarily closed from January 6 th to February 18 th .
● Visit the Beach
Honeymooners love the beach, and you are no different. Wear your
costumes, pack your beach bag, snacks, and head to the beach. You can
choose La Barceloneta or Sant Sebastia beach. To make your visit to the
beach fun and romantic, hire a sun lounger and umbrella and bask in the
You can opt to enjoy a cocktail and a meal from the restaurants and pubs
lining the beach. And if you are a water sports lover, try windsurfing and
● Visit the Catalan Winery
It would not be a trip to Barcelona without an excursion at the winery. So
visit the Catalan Winery, enjoy strolling in an abundance of the green
meadow, and get a taste of the exquisite wines.
● Attend a Night Beach Party

Barcelona is famous for its beach parties. So, when choosing a hotel, ensure
it’s near the beaches and hosts night beach parties.
● Festivals
Barcelona is the hub for festivals, so when booking your trip, ensure that
there will be at least several festivals you can attend. Some of the popular
festivals in Barcelona include:

❖ Primavera Sound Festival, which is held in May or June
❖ Sonar Festival in June
❖ Cruilla Festival in July
❖ Formula One Spanish Grand Prix in May
❖ Sala Montjuic
● Book a Romantic Cruise
You can also book a private yacht cruise and sail in the azure water as you
enjoy a glass of wine with your partner. The evening cruise is the best, as
you enjoy the sunset and the cool breeze while indulging in the romantic

Explore the Art Scene and Architecture
Barcelona has a rich history, which is depicted through architecture and art.
So, consider visiting several historical sites, such as the Gothic Quarter, The
royal palace, Barcelona Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, and the Picasso
● Erotic Museum
Being newly wed, indulge yourselves by visiting the Erotica Museum and
other museums and learning about the history of sex through paintings,
photographs, and sculptures.

Stay and Dine in the Most Romantic Places

It would be a complete honeymoon without staying at the most romantic
hotels. You must also sample the exquisite cuisine at the best-rated hotels,
and the best way to enjoy another country’s food is by sampling street food.
So, search for the cafes with the best reviews.
If you have an extended honeymoon holiday, you can sample more than one
hotel to see which offers the best experience in case you come back. These
are some of the most romantic hotels in Barcelona.
● Mandarin Hotel
It is a 5-star hotel and the most popular among honeymooners. The hotel
offers stunning views of Barcelona and is best known for its luxurious
services and world-class dining etiquette. And not forgetting rejuvenating
spa for lovers.
● Nh Collection Barcelona Tower
The hotel boasts well-designed and spacious rooms with a private dining
area, offering breathtaking views of Barcelona. Their customer service is apt
and offers free transfer services from the airport to their facilities.

Final Thoughts
If you have a honeymoon trip coming up, Barcelona should be your go-to
destination. As it’s riddled with plenty of exotic activities for couples. Above
are things to do and places to visit to make your honeymoon memorable.

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