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How Education Affects Tourism In Barcelona

Spanish education is recognized as one of the best in Europe. The received diploma is
recognized not only in the countries of the European Union, but also in Latin America. After
graduation, students receive great employment opportunities. Spanish education attracts
students from all over the world. For many, this becomes an opportunity to receive a quality
education and get acquainted with local tourist sites. The constant influx of international
students contributes to the development of the tourism sector in the country.
A diploma of education obtained in Barcelona is also highly valued in Spain. The best
students receive employment assistance from the universities administration after graduation.
Every year, hundreds of students graduate from local educational institutions, so the
competition in the job market is relatively high.

Education And Tourism In Barcelona
Applying to study in Barcelona allows students enough time to explore the cities beauties.
Tourism in Barcelona is attractive for several reasons. To have enough time to travel and get
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As a student tourist, visiting Barcelona is worth it for many reasons:
1. Barcelona belongs to the sunniest region in Europe. According to statistics, Spain´s
sun shines about 300 days a year. Rain in Spain is infrequent and happens only in the
flat part.
2. It is possible to travel easily around the country. Spain has a good transport
interchange that lets you quickly get to any country. As a result, students can visit
Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, and other cities if they have already studied everything in
3. Spain is a country where many geniuses lived. The theater museum of Salvador Dalí
is located in Figueres. Sagrada Família is located in Barcelona and was built by the
architect Antonio Gaudí.
4. Spain has the best beaches in all of Europe. Here you can find beaches for relaxation
for every taste – from small secluded rocky coves to long stretches of coastline with
golden sand.
5. Barcelona is a paradise for cyclists. Once the experts have been found on the best
websites for assignment help and enough leisure time has been freed up, you can go
for a walk around the city by bike. Tourists use this transport most often. This allows
them to explore the sights at their pace and take their time with the tour bus schedule.
6. Students should get acquainted with the local cuisine. You can find the most delicious
ham in Europe and try numerous seafood dishes here.


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Features Of Education In Barcelona
Spanish educational institutions train students in three degrees:
1. Grado is an analog of a bachelors degree.
2. Master – magistracy.
3. Doctorado – graduate school.
Grado programs provide general vocational training. You can get a diploma in the following

• Arts and Humanities;
• Scientific specialties;
• Health science;
• Social and legal sciences;
• Architecture;
• Engineering.

The duration of education in Barcelona under Grado programs is 4 years. The exception is
the medical specialty (6 years of study), veterinary medicine (5 years), architecture (5 years,
and thereafter – project defense). Public universities require a high school diploma and the
Selectividad exam.
Bachelors who want to improve their qualifications need to enroll in Master programs.
Moreover, these programs help to change the current profession completely. A Masters

degree is required for some professions. Teachers, lawyers, and aviation engineers cannot
work without a diploma. The duration of study under the program is from 1 to 2 years,
depending on the specialty. The diploma is only issued if the student gains 60 to 120 credits.
Doctorado training aims to improve skills and the beginning of ones research activities. The
study duration is 3 to 6 years, depending on the program. Having a degree also makes it
possible to teach at a university.

Why Barcelona Is A Great Place To Study Abroad
You can get higher education on the indicated degrees in several large public and private
universities. The city also has many language schools, which will be helpful for students
from other countries. The city successfully operates the University of Barcelona. The
educational institution was founded in 1450 and is the oldest university in Europe.

Why do people want to study in Barcelona:

• The city is extremely friendly to all people. Foreign students learn quickly and
get used to local customs;
• Barcelona is a city of events. It´s never boring here. Leading world performers
perform here with concerts, fairs, and festivals are constantly held in the city;
• Universities in Barcelona are state of the art. The largest European Center for
Digital Technologies operates in the city.
• The Barcelona University Center operates in the city. Here, foreign students
can get all their help, up to finding accommodation.



Barcelona attracts students from all over the world. Students strive to find time to study local
architecture and history. Attracting applicants has a positive effect on the development of the
tourism sector in the city.
Barcelona is a city of magnificent architecture. Even if you come here just to study, you will
not be able to remain indifferent. Be sure to stroll through the old town and visit the Gothic

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