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The 7 Best Yachting Destinations in Spain


With over 3,000 miles of coastline and 60 islands, chartering a yacht is one of the best ways to soak up the alluring atmosphere of Spain. Not only is there overwhelming, natural beauty, but vibrant culture as well. The lavish beachside communities and thriving social scenes make a yachting holiday in Spain the ideal destination. Here are seven of the best yachting destinations in Spain.


If you’re passionate about yachting, you can’t go wrong in picturesque Tenerife. Regular trade winds and air currents make sailing here a literal breeze. In the area of Los Gigante, whales and dolphins are commonly spotted. Make sure not to touch them, though. They’re protected species under national and international law, so be sure to admire them from afar. As long as you follow the rules, and get your documentation in order, everybody wins. 

The eternal springtime weather and volcanic origins are big draws for when you’re not on the water. The Teide, located in Tenerife, is Spain’s highest mountain, and you can go to the top of it in a cable car or sleep at its foot if you stay in the Parador de las Cañadas del Teide.


Ibiza should be as world-famous for its yachting as its nightlife and stunning beaches. It’s known as a place people can go to be free because of how accessible everything is. Whether you’re looking for lively bars and nightclubs in Ses Variades or to hire a yacht in Ibiza, this island is an ideal getaway for anyone looking to soak up the Spanish sun.

Ibiza has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to party all night or relax on the water during the day. Yachting here is the pinnacle of sailing in the Mediterranean. You can also paddlesurf, jetski, snorkel and even seabob too. It’s definitely the perfect spot for energetic travelers. 


If you’re a sailor looking for more of a challenge, a trip to remote, rugged Bonanza may be the destination for you. While the journey to this Andalusian port is not for the faint-hearted, the immense rewards include some of the most dramatic, breathtaking views the Spanish coast has to offer. 

Once you get there, the tranquility begins as soon as you drop sails. Keep in mind, this is the kind of tranquility that requires a ton of supplies. There are no stores or services on Bonanza, so pack well for the journey.

Costa Tropical, Granada

Costa Tropical is something akin to a water paradise. In addition to yachting, you can waterski, windsurf and scuba dive. It’s filled with natural coves, like the ones in El Caletón and El Pargo. When you’re not on the water, you can enjoy the superb views from Salobreña Castle or take a relaxing stroll through El Majuelo Botanical Park in Almuñécar. 

Costa Cálida, Murcia

The ideal location for a family vacation, Costa Cálida is all calm water and tranquility. The scenic cliffs and white sand are a perfect complement to the crystal clear Murcia water.

If you’re looking for sun and sand, Costa Cálida boasts more hours of sunshine per year than anywhere else in Spain. 

This coast is a busy fishing hub and houses several fishing villages. The fishing village of Águilas hosts a fun annual carnival in July. There are colorful parades through the town as people flock to the streets in masks and costumes.


It’s particularly exquisite to set sail from the largest of the Balearic Islands. The sheer variety of its coastline makes it an ideal sailing destination for beginners, but presents enough challenges for more advanced sailors too. 

Most sailors find themselves in Port d’Andratx at some point on their journey through Majorca. It’s a safe and extremely beautiful harbor on the south-west coast with plenty of room to drop anchor. It’s also a great access point to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which is ideal for avid hikers after a long sail. 

If regular yachting doesn’t cut it for you, The harbor in Palma de Mallorca is one of the largest in Spain and one of the best places for super-yachting.

Costa Blanca, Alicante

Sailing in the Costa Blanca is an experience tailor-made for making lasting memories. The Costa Blanca is yet another example of the stunning beaches in Valencia. The turquoise water enjoys blue flag status, a testament to its quality and cleanliness. Costa Blanca is adorned by an abundance of small coves to anchor at. 

While yachting in the Costa Blanca, try stopping off in the cosmopolitan city of Dénia. The sun shines nearly year-round in Dénia and it’s home to Michelin star restaurants like Quique Dacosta and El Baret de Miquel.  

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