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Funicular de Tibidabo

Tibidabo Park is a fun and exciting attraction park for all the family and the journey there can also be a bit an adventure as well. After either taking the tram (Tramvia Blau) or the bus number 196, you can then take the Funicular de Tibidabo up to the top of Tibidabo. The funicular de Tibidabo links the Tramvia Blau to the park and runs every 30 minutes. It is one of Spain’s oldest funiculars and opened in 1901 at the same time as the blue tram and provides an easy and quick way to get to the park.

The funicular de Tibidabo is open 15 minutes before the Skywalk opens and it closes 15 minutes after the Skywalk closes. In February the funicular is open on weekends and from March to December it runs every day. Throughout the year, the funicular carriages are decorated in fun and exciting designs so be sure to catch the brightest one! This all adds to the excitement of visiting Tibidabo as the park awaits you at the top. The park is of course not the only thing to see but spectacular views of the whole city, some of the best to see! There is also a church where you can get an even higher vantage point and admire the incredible city from afar.

A return journey costs €7.70, however, if you are visiting the park as well you can get a discount when you buy tickets for the park.

How to get to the Funicular de Tibidabo:

It is very easy to get to the funicular and it is possible to reach it by either Tramvia Blau or bus no. 196.


Transport: Tramvia Blau or bus no. 196

Prices: Return Ticket – €7.70

Schedules: In February the funicular is open on weekends and from March to December it runs every day. It runs every 30 minutes.

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