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    In this section you can find all about leisure in Barcelona – best Shopping places and Markets, where to do Sports or Party, which Beaches to visit.

Running on the beach in Barcelona


If you want to discover the beach of Barcelona in its entirety, why not do so by running? You will go faster and furthermore it is good for your health. Find your accommodation now! Barcelona offers more than 4,5 km ...

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Dixi 724!

Dixi 724

The following article is not just for people who visit Razzmatazz, but it´s definitely a good proposal before you go there. I´m talking about “Dixi 724“. No, this is not a new model of a public toilet, this is truly ...

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Extreme sports in and around Barcelona

Bungee jumping

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to holidays. Some like to lie on the beach and read a book all day, while others are incapable of sitting on their butt for longer than five minutes! If you are a ...

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Bookstores in Barcelona

bookstore featured

Almost everybody likes to read. For many people, reading is a basic necessity. Just to crawl up on the couch with a nice, good book, and forget about daily life for a bit. However, sometimes it might bring difficulties finding ...

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Boqueria Market -Culinary Delights

Boqueria Market

No visit to Barcelona is complete without visiting the incredibly spectacular Boqueria Market on La Rambla with its numerous stalls bursting with foods of every kind and from every part of the world. The origins of the market began in the year ...

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El Ninot Market in Barcelona

Mercat del Ninot Barcelona Spain

You will find amazing food markets in every area of Barcelona and each one is as popular as the next. Each market has a great atmosphere and lots of wonderful fresh produce to sample and purchase. El Ninot Market dates ...

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Santa Caterina Market


Opened in 1848, the Santa Caterina market was the first covered market in Barcelona. It has recently been completely renovated with a modern look but in keeping with a traditional Catalan market. The brightly coloured undulating roof was designed by ...

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Hostafrancs Market


Hostafrancs Market is located in the area of Sants on Carrer de la Creu Coberta. This area has many amenities, as well as a great train and bus station. The market is one of the great sights to see in ...

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Moto GP Barcelona

Motorcycle Grand Prix Barcelona

It is not hard to see as you walk around the city of Barcelona that one of the most popular ways of getting around is via motorbike. It should come as no surprise then that the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has ...

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Swimming in Barcelona

Beautiful outdoor pool in Barcelona spain

Barcelona has incredible world-class swimming facilities and this summer the city hosted the World Swimming Championships. Not only can you come to attend these great events but you can also try out swimming in Barcelona in these amazing settings for ...

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Skating in Barcelona

Rollerskating along the beach

Barcelona may not be as well-known for its sport as its art or architecture but it may surprise you just how much sport is on offer here. If you want to try something different during your stay in Barcelona, then why not ...

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Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt close up

Pitch and Putt Pitch and Putt is a game growing in popularity especially in the region of Catalonia. The game originates from Ireland from around the 1940s and arrived in the region in the 80s.  It is often considered more accessible than ...

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Barcelona is a great city to play sport at any time of the year including tennis. It also hosts many major sporting events such as the Barcelona Open. In 2014, the Barcelona Open will take place on 21st April until 27th ...

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