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Barcelona Universities

Barcelona Universities: How many tourists return to study?

Barcelona Universities: How many tourists return to study?


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Some places are the “Mecca” of tourist visits. Barcelona in Spain is one of them. It is famous for its

architectural monuments, football clubs, and sandy beaches. It is bright, juicy and so lively! You
want to come back here again to enjoy the most delicious tapas and feel like a real Spaniard.
Barcelona can be art and inspiration, the warm sun and palm trees, and a place where tourists can be
themselves. Once visiting Barcelona as tourists, a lot of people go back to this gorgeous city to live,
work or study. Barcelona is one of the oldest university centers in the country. It ranks 23rd place in
the world list of the best city for students and goes ahead of Copenhagen, Rome, Madrid, etc.

The University of Barcelona (UB)
This university is one of the oldest and most prestigious Barcelona universities. It is the main public
university in Catalonia, with the largest number of students and the widest and most comprehensive
study offer. In addition, it is the main university research center of the state and one of the most
important in Europe. Closely linked to the history of Barcelona and Catalonia, UB combines the
values of tradition with being an innovative institution of excellence in teaching. It is an urban,
open, and cosmopolitan university. Both local citizens and foreigners can apply for admission to the
educational institution.

High-standard European education

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Studying in European universities is rather challenging. Students have to deal with a great number
of essays, research papers, and assignment writing. A student is so busy that sometimes even do not
have time to walk around fabulous Barcelona streets and feel its unique spirit. To get more spare
time for rest students should make a write my essay request to professional writers and experts.
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front of a computer screen.

University Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

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UPF was created by the decision of the Government of Catalonia in 1990. Already in 2021-2022, it
began to enter the world's TOP 10 young universities in Spain. It has several campuses in
Barcelona: Citadels, where students study the humanities and social sciences; Poblenou is built for
IT and communication sciences; Mar is for life sciences and health. University is business and
public-life orientated. Each university in Barcelona Spain is famous for its notable alumni  and

UPF is not an exception. Hundreds of economists, politicians, lawyers, poets, and film directors are
happy to call UPF their Alma mater.

Polytechnic College of Catalunya

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The biggest designing college among universities in Barcelona, the Polytechnic College of
Catalunya was established during the 1970s. Today, it is the best polytechnic college in Spain and
consists of 42 departments. 30,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students master academic
courses in the fields of design and science every year. The college cooperates with more than 60
overseas universities. If you study in this college, you have an extra opportunity to travel round and
visit Manresa, Castelldefels, and Sant Cugat del Vallés as some departments are located there.

Open University of Catalunya
It is a popular private university in Barcelona Spain. It is also famous because the President of
Catalonia Pere Aragones graduated from it. The main profile of the university is law and political
science. The university offers 25 bachelor’s programs, 54 master’s programs, and 8 doctoral
degrees in Catalan, Spanish, and English in areas such as psychology, computer science,
educational sciences, etc. The university offers high-quality and sufficiently personally oriented
education. The group is not large; teachers find an individual approach for each student. This
university is also a good platform to learn foreign languages.

Barcelona is a city of eternally young people with hot Spanish temperaments. It is a city you fall in
love with starting from the first minute. The best way to get to know Barcelona and understand it is
to live here and become part of the local life. After entering the universities of Barcelona, you can
perfectly master a foreign language, and get acquainted with the local culture and traditions. The
obtained Spanish diploma is recognized anywhere in the world, and graduates have a high chance of
finding a well-paid job in the European Union. Choose Barcelona universities to get a high-quality
higher education.

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Mary Spears has great experience traveling around Europe. When she comes to a new country she
is keen on sights and local education systems.
Mary also helps students to cope with their research papers and essays to let them enjoy their youth.

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