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7 Modern Ways to Use Wood Panelling

The use of wood panelling has been declining in modern construction, but it still stands as a popular building material. Wood panelling can create a luxurious atmosphere when used to help define rooms or to simply brighten up the room. It can also be used for its durability and sound absorption qualities.

Wood Panelling is a popular choice for covering walls in both new construction and remodelling jobs. Wood panelling is often used over drywall or sheetrock for soundproofing, thermal insulation, and decoration purposes. The majority of wood panelling comes with a semi-gloss finish that gives it a luxurious appearance and helps it blend in with the other finishing materials in the room. For more durable surfaces, it can be used to cover walls like drywall or sheetrock for home renovation projects. Here are the 7 Modern Ways to Use Wood Panelling:

Use wood paneling to create sleek lines:

A wood panel wall is a strong and sturdy material that can be used to define a room. It can be used to create sleek lines or rectangular shapes and increase the architectural appeal of a room. Wood panelling helps decorate rooms because it can add colour and texture to the walls, making them seem more interesting. It can also cover gaps between flooring or between walls and floors, creating a seamless look throughout the entire room. This is a beautiful option for modern homes that are trying to establish more prominent architectural lines.

Create segmented spaces:

If you want to make a room look more interesting and open, you can use wood panelling to create segmented spaces. This can be done by leaving an unadorned portion of the wall exposed on one side and covering the other with wood panelling. This creates a floating look that separates the walls into segments. It also helps draw attention to the floor and ceiling because there are no longer two continuous walls in a straight line. You can do this both inside rooms or in hallways, depending on your design preferences.

Opt for rustic chic:

You can also choose to use wood panelling in a more natural and rustic way, using pieces that may not be completely finished. This can give the impression of unfinished wood, and will create an intimate look inside the room or hallway. You can also choose to leave large gaps in the wood panelling so that it looks unfinished, which will give it a weathered appearance. This style is great for modern homes with an earthy feel that want to appear more rustic.

Go for three-dimensional geometry:

If you want to create a geometric look, you can also use wood panelling as a three dimensional piece. You can do this by installing pieces of wood panelling along an angle that creates a cube-like appearance. This is a beautiful option for modern homes with clear geometric patterns throughout their design. It gives the walls greater depth and makes the room seem larger and more interesting.

Use light colours and lots of windows:

Wood panelling has many different options for added colour and texture, including bright desert oak pieces and dark woods like mahogany or walnut. These options can give a room more interest and a more sophisticated look, which is another popular option when it comes to the use of wood panelling. These pieces can also be installed on the ceiling in place of drywall, giving it an interesting architectural look. You can also choose to install them on the interior walls for softer light effects that won’t clash with the other materials in the room.

Incorporate panels into your home décor:

You can also use wood panelling as decorative elements in your own home, both inside and out. You can do this by installing pieces in different rooms and areas of the home, like the living room or kitchen. You can also choose to hang them from walls or ceilings, giving them a soft and voluptuous look that adds interest to any room. You can also install them on racks or in cubbies to display and protect different pieces. Wood panelling is classy and versatile, making it a popular choice for home décor as well as for a variety of modern home projects.

Choose classic wood panelling for your room:

Wood panelling is versatile, and you can choose from hundreds of different types including mahogany, ash, oak and more. You can also pick different types of finishes to create different looks. You may want to choose a lighter colored piece that doesn’t compete with the light in the room or darker pieces that look great in darker rooms with high ceilings.


While wood panelling has been declining in modern construction, it’s still a popular building material. It can be used to create many different looks and styles, from sleek and modern to rustic and earthy. Wood panelling is easy to install and durable, making it an excellent option for all of your home projects. You can add wood panelling in any room of your house or apartment, or even on your ceiling.

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