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Barcelona-home, people from all over the world

Barcelona-home, people from all over the world. An idea that is growing thanks to people who come from around the world to stay with us. And not only, because Barcelona has much to offer, but also because they like to feel at home, even though they come from the other side of the world. In our company we have a really international environment and therefore our team consists of workers from many different countries. Do you want to work with us and get to know many people?



During the last 12 months, Barcelona-home received more than 2000 bookings. Within the last years our clients have been generally from:

The United states
The United Kingdom

This year, we’ve noticed a big rise from clients of Central Europe and East Europe:

Czech Republic

Barcelona-home, people from all over the world. So, for how long are people renting our accommodations?

30% of our clients rent for 3-10 days
20% for 10-20 days
20% for 20-30 days
30% are long term renters

Accommodation in the historic center of Barcelona from 1400 eu/month



During the summer most of the reservations that we receive are short-term and now in September, when all universities are about to begin, the interest in long-term rent is becoming enormous. Reduced deposits and the decisions taken by our owners to put a fixed price for all the flats (no matter how many persons, provided that this number does not exceed the number of beds) made many students rent an entire flat together . Barcelona has much to offer all year long. Many people forget that, apart from all the beaches and good weather, there are many other reasons to visit Barcelona. Good food, beautiful architecture, all the museums and not to forget the “football culture”. All this is only a small selection of everything that makes Barcelona one of the most popular European cities with tourists, students and workers. This year we expect an increase in short-term hiring people during the winter, as many of our owners making good “deals” at the time. Visit our web page to see the list of our apartments, there are as many short-term as long-term flats.

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