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10 spectacular playrooms for children

Once Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men make their visits to every house, parents have to work their magic and organize all the toys the children received for Christmas. If you have spare room in your home, the ideal is to make a playroom where the children have everything well-organized and where the little kids can enjoy their time without losing something in another room. Here is our 10 spectacular playrooms for kids1

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That being said, we present to you several decoration ideas for a kid’s playroom. In the photos, you can see spectacular playrooms where you can choose ideas for storing toys or decorating the walls, which can also be used as bedrooms for the kids.

Kyoto-Indoor-Nursery02-678x600SmartPlayhouse – Kyoto Indoor

contemporary-basementPeregrine Design Build

contemporary-home-gymEisner Design LLC


traditional-kids_0Dennison and Dampier Interior Design


contemporary-kids_3Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Ltd. Architects


eclectic-kids_2Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd


eclectic-kids_1Gabriel Builders Inc.


eclectic-kids_0Eclectic Kids designMinneapolis Artist And ArtisanWind and Willow Home


Gander Builders


traditional-kidsPoss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design

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