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top 5 best bars in el raval barcelona

The Top 5 Bars in El Raval, Barcelona

Barcelona as so many bars where you can taste the famous vermouth, eat tapas and have fun with your friends. But some can be pretty expensive, especially in touristic places. That’s why we made you the list of the 5 best bars that you can find in El Raval.

number5 33/45

We must warn you directly, the bar 33/45 is a victim of its success. It is often difficult to return on weekends in tourist periods. That’s why we advise you to go there during the week or in the low season. However, you can not miss out on this unique bar! If you are a hipster, hipster fan or both, this is the place for you. But the cool thing is that the bar is divided into two sections, so you can enjoy two different moods, depending on what you are looking for. The first section that is located at the main entrance is made for people looking for adventure, who want to meet local, let go following the sound of music or even celebrate a birthday! While the other section is more like “Lounge” if you wish to discuss with your old friend the good old days by comfortably sitting down in the sofa and sipping your beer Morritz. Let yourself be charmed by the vintage vibe, delicious cocktails and electronic music of this place, besides exhibitions and music concerts that take place from time to time.

33-45 bar RAVAL

where Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 4, Barcelona
openinghours Monday to Thursday : 13h00-2h00 / Friday to Saturday: 13h00-2h30 / Sunday : 13h00-00h00
price-smal  €€



number4 Casa Almirall

Perhaps you know the bar Marsella, which is the oldest bar in the city of Barcelona. Well, the bar Casa Almirall wins second place on the podium. Indeed, it was founded in 1860 but it has retained its original charm. This is the perfect place if you want a drink in a rustic place, full of history. This rustic treasure made of wood and marble is located just next to the Art Museum of Barcelona. It is a charming place that drew from the greatest artists of all time. To name a few: Picasso and Hemingway. Treat yourself to the bohemian atmosphere with an oliveta vermouth glass homemade.

where Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 33, 08001 Barcelona
openinghours Monday, Tuesday: 17h30-1h30 / Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 17h30-2h00 / Friday, Saturday: 17h30-3h00
price-smal  €€


number3 Betty Ford’s

Betty Ford is the name of the first lady of the United States, the wife of the first president Gérard R.ford. Betty Ford is the name of a rehab for alcohol well known in California. And finally, in Barcelona, Betty Ford is the name of a bar. All the opposite, then. This bar is hidden behind the MACBA and you can find in many local and foreign. You will see the typical local from Raval neighborhood: a skateboarder in a bohemian and casual look. Besides, you find a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere in this bar. The rumor says they serve the best burgers in town. So go try and give us your review! What is certain is that the bar has a large map of beers and cocktails, and it will quickly become your favorite place to hang out all night.

 betty fords EL RAVAL

where Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 56, 08001 Barcelona
openinghours Monday to Sunday : 17h30-2h30
price-smal   €


number2 Never More

Ecological awareness is growing more and more, especially in Barcelona. So it’s here, in Nevermore, that the managers came up with the idea of creating a bar with a home-made interior design with recycled and environmentally friendly objects. To say more ecological positioning, they serve only fresh food and seasonal products. The waiters are very friendly and the atmosphere is calm and bohemian. Although this bar really exudes the typical atmosphere of El Raval, it remains charming with dim lights and candles. Plus, its cheap prices are are attractive – you can enjoy delicious cocktails for € 5! So what are you waiting for?

 cockatils nevermore bar

where Carrer de la Cera, 17, 08001 Barcelona
openinghours Monday to Saturday : 18h00-3h00 / Sunday : 12h00-16h00
price-smal   €


number Marmalade

And finally the first bar of our list! It seduces us with its wide variety of original cocktails as their creative names as their mixtures. It’s a trendy, cosmopolitan bar with a homey atmosphere. You can drink and eat with friends before a game of pool. The lights dimmed, upholstered seats and red cushions and the music of the 70’s give paces retro restaurant bar. The more this bar are definitely delicious and hearty tapas and brunch that is as much a visual and gustatory delight. You could even say they are serving the best brunch in town. It recommends: “Nicky Lauda Saua,” a glass of their signature.

where Carrer de la Riera Alta, 4-6, 08001 Barcelona
openinghours Monday to Thursday : 19h00-2h00 /Friday to Sunday : 10h00-2h30
price-smal   €


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