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My life in Barcelona

My life in Barcelona

When I arrived in the airport, I already felt like home. I was now about to see my new apartment for the first time! I rented the apartment through Barcelona-home, and it was exactly as Iwished for! The first challenge I met was the landlord not speaking English, only Spanish and as I don’t speak Spanish, this got kind of complicated.

So I contacted Barcelona-Home and everything was already under control the day after regarding the rent, keys and other practical stuff.The apartment I live in has a huge brick wall which is absolutely amazing! Furthermore there is a balcony from where I can see the Columbus statue. The apartment basically has all that I need, plus it is located in the heart of Barcelona, 1 minute from La Rambla.

My first meeting with a local food market and supermarket was more than positive as everything is so cheap here! Normally back home I would properly buy the booze in the liquor store and bring it to the beach or a park, but it is important to remember that isn’t legal to drink alcohol on public streets in Barcelona.

Luckily Barcelona offers a lot of great and cheap bars, the price is obviously important if you are studying as I am. If you move away from the super touristic places you will see that you can have a beer for only 1 euro! Many places and bars en Raval has these study friendly prices, which makes it possible for you to go out every single weekend. Sometimes it pays off trying one of the many side streets, both for food and beverage; here you will be sure to find either bars that sell a bottle of cave for under 10 euro or maybe a pizza slice for 2 euro! Barcelona offers a lot of amazing local and national clothing store, where you easily can use an entire day, without even spending all your money. This doesn’t mean that you don’t feel like buying something, because you will buy a lot, but it won’t cost you a lot. (So remember an extra suitcase, or leave your clothes back home)

Another amazing place to experience for free is plaza Espanya, but remember to go there in the evening, as you will get the most unbelievable view over the beautiful city of Barcelona.


Name : Tine

Country: Denmark

Age: 23

Favorite spot: Parc Ciutadella or the beach at night

What I will remember the most of my stay: The welcoming culture of Catalunya…

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Written by: xavi


Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!


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