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Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona

Barcelona has been my dream for quite a while. Since I visited the city back in 2013 for one week, living in one of Barcelona-Home’s apartments, I have known I was coming here for a longer stay. But that should not come as a surprise for anyone, what is there not to love about this amazing city?

As a moving-abroad-virgin there were many things that felt scary and unfamiliar when I got here, I was not prepared at all when it came to all the practical things and so on. I used my credit card for almost ten days until I realized it is necessary to carry around cash here, for all the espressos and other small expenses that you just do not pay by card, even though most of the big places accept it.

Another thing that I am not used to is the one-way streets in the city. I mostly walk here to be able to see all the magnificent building and watch the locals during their everyday life, but I have gotten to known that traveling by vehicles can be needed sometimes when staying here for a longer time. To me, that equals taxi and since many of the streets in the middle of the city are crowded or one-way directed it is important to plan your taxi-trip before going, so that you will not bump into any unkind surprises on the way, such as high prices.

Even if it is a good idea to plan those things that you know you want to do, you should not be afraid to just leave the apartment, for a true adventure, not knowing where to go – trust me, it is during these times the best things tend to happen! To meet up with a couple of friends in the Cituadella park on a sunny day might have more to offer than you think since hundreds of locals and tourists spend their days here in the sun. I have come to notice that it is the perfect place to socialize and make new friends!

If you are in Barcelona for a long-term stay you will get to know the city and the culture well and thereby make your everyday life here easier. But for a first-timer, I advise you plan everything well to create a guaranteed comfort. For example you should look up opening hours and prices for everything before going there, since these things can vary a lot. During the check in when staying with Barcelona-Home, both this time and the one before that, I got lots of information from the staff that was experienced within the area. Tips on the best tapas-restaurants, the most non-touristic clubs and the cheapest day-time activities turned out to be very useful for me during my stay here, and I absolutely owe it to the staff at Barcelona Home.

My stay in Barcelona did not turn out at all how I had imagined it to be, but so much better! This city has so much to offer, whoever you are, and I got lots of help from (link to Barcelona Blog) finding things to do.

In conclusion, remember to, those times when you do not feel like being spontaneous, plan your activities whatever they might be, do not be afraid to ask for help or advise and always keep an open mind in order to let the city show you all of its best characteristics!


Name: Teresa
Age: 20
Country: Sweden

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