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    About Barcelona

    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

Best Car Rentals in Barcelona

Car Rentals

Known as one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, Spain is home to some of the most picturesque areas which offer exceptional backdrops to enhance your holiday experience. In conjunction with its beautiful beaches, rich, authentic cultural and Mediterranean climate, ...

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Most instagrammable restaurants in Barcelona


You’re coming to the city and you want to find out the most instagrammable restaurants in Barcelona? We’ve got you covered! Every year thousands of tourists come to visit the city, and everyone comes back home with the same photos, so ...

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District festivals in Barcelona

District festivals

Barcelona is one of the most lively cities in Europe when it comes to district festivals and different events. The locals love to party and have a good time, and they like to show it. All the different districts of ...

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BAGBNB | Affordable Luggage Storage


Have you ever faced the struggle of carrying your luggage around all the time and everywhere you go? Do you want to enjoy your last day in Barcelona without having to carry suitcases around and worrying about the safety of ...

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Quiz of the week | The Ultimate trivia test

Quiz of the week

Take these short quizzes and find out more about Barcelona, Spain and about traveling! If you’re planning on visiting one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, or you’re already here, you have to know some facts about Spain and ...

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The best urban markets in Barcelona

urban markets

Live music, local design, great food & drinks combined with a special location.. How does this sound to you? Barcelona is a great city to discover the urban street markets. Hop on board as we introduce you the best ones ...

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Best team building activities in Barcelona


Team building activities are an excellent way to get to connect with your group and learn how to work together. Not only will it create a bigger bond with your fellow colleagues, these games can also reduce employee stress and ...

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Dear fellow Spaniards! We here at Barcelona-home are the number one advocates of the beauty of Barcelona and all the amazing offerings it has to so generously give. So much so that we founded a blog on it! However, there ...

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Best places to experience Barcelona

Where to stay in LA costa brava

Barcelona offers a lot of different activities all around the city. Parties, museums, and tours, there is everything you need to enjoy a great stay in the beautiful catalan capital. The number of things happening in Barcelona is endless and ...

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Outdoor Dining Made Easy With Picnic! Picnic!

Picnics in Barcelona

Let’s set some scenes…. A Romantic Proposal… You are going to propose to your significant other. You are both sitting under a cherry blossom tree as the sun beams down on your delectable, hand selected picnic, providing the perfect ambiance ...

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High End Second-Hand stores in Barcelona

High End Second-Hand Stores in Barcelona

Designer labels; the epicenter of modern-day consumerism and sometimes the very affirmation of our materialistic character. There is no denying our draw to labels, whether it be a watch, handbag, clothing item or latest gadget, sealing an item with a ...

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