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Basic Guide to Living in Barcelona as a Foreign Student

Wonderful guidelines for foreign students living in Barcelona to help you adapt in a new city
despite the numerous challenges that you are likely to experience living in a foreign land with
zero prior experience.


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Studying in a new place can be exciting and challenging at the same time. First and foremost, it
is exciting because, as a student, you get to travel to various parts of the world and acquire new
experiences. On the same note, students get the chance to create meaningful relationships with
people worldwide. On the contrary, traveling or schooling in a different place can be
challenging, especially for students who were used to living with their parents. On the same note,
cultural shocks can make it difficult for a person to adjust to living in a new place. The
difficulties combined with excitement could make it challenging for students even to complete
their assignments or concentrate on their studies. As an international student, if you have
difficulty completing your assignments for unavoidable reasons, you might consider seeking
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As a student, if you are planning to study in Barcelona as an international student, it is normal to
find it challenging to adapt to a new and unfamiliar place. Thanks to technological
advancements, there are many social media platforms, and hence it is not that challenging to
make new friends. This is more so for those people that are not courageous enough to make
friends physically. If you plan to study in Barcelona as an international student, the tips
discussed in this article will help you adapt easily. It would be best if you always never forget
that what might have worked for someone else might not work for you. Therefore, in as much as this article will act as a guide, you should strive to identify what works and what does not work
for you.

Accommodation is one of the things most students worry about when it comes to living in a new
place. The good thing about Barcelona is that students have a wide range of accommodations;
hence, they can settle for one that interests them. First and foremost, there are private houses, and
secondly, there are houses that the university manages. The rent the student will pay significantly
depends on where they are living. Generally, you will pay approximately 800 to 1,100 euros for
a one-bedroom inside the city centre and 600 to 800 euros outside the city centre. On the same
note, many other areas have student-friendly rent. For instance, students might consider living
inside the student residence halls, sharing a flat, or living with a Spanish family. As mentioned
above, students often worry too much about accommodation when traveling to a new place. The
good thing is that with technological advancement, students can book or reserve their
accommodation before traveling since the country receives too many students from various parts
of the world throughout the year; hence, it might be challenging to find available
accommodation. Whichever accommodation you settle for, you should ensure that it does not
exceed your budget. After reading this article, you could be wondering, which is the best place
for an international student to reside at? The truth is that your accommodation will significantly
depend on your neighbourhood. However, some famous places where most students reside
include Gracia, Les Corts, El Raval, and Ciutat Vella, among many others. Most international
students always prefer sharing rooms with their colleagues.

The Cost of Living

While residing in Barcelona, students should never forget that most of their expenditure will be
on accommodation. Whether you share a room with your colleagues or live alone, the
accommodation cost will include electricity and water bills. One of the most expensive bills in
the country is electricity. Sometimes, I think living alone is much better than sharing a room with
a stranger. This is because your roommate could behave in ways that do not, please you. On the
same note, by living alone, you will prepare and cook meals that you want and save on food and
electricity bills. Unfortunately, most students have difficulty managing their finances because
they spend their money on the wrong things. For instance, some students would prefer spending
their clubbing and partying with friends instead of using their finances to purchase studying
resources. As a student, if you spend your financial resources the wrong way, the chances are
high that you will have difficulty financing your school expenditures.

Traveling in Barcelona
One of the great things I love about Barcelona is its efficient transport system. Unlike in other
countries where almost everyone owns a car, the public transport system in Barcelona is reliable.
Therefore, students have less difficulty moving around the city as well as in the metropolitan
regions. A common means of transport is the metro. Apparently, it offers students the easiest and
fastest way of traveling to various parts of the city. Tickets are often obtained from an automatic
machine, which can be located at authorized stations. The other good thing is that individuals can
use different trains using the same ticket. The different kinds of tickets available include single
ticket, T-Casual, T-Usual, and T-Jove, which is the most expensive and allows individuals to
make unlimited trips.
Trains are also commonly used in Barcelona. They are usually used in metropolitan areas and
allow individuals to travel outside the city. Secondly, there is also the option of using a bus. The good thing about using buses is that they are reliable and efficient since they operate every day
from Monday to Sunday. There will always be a couple of buses operating during the day and at
night. As if that is not enough, there is also the option of biking, which consists of electric
bicycles that are often rented. Electric bicycles allow individuals to move around the city quickly
and without incurring much expense. The bicycles are also environmentally friendly since they
do not pollute the environment. The only limitation of using bicycles is that an individual must
return them to the biking station once they finish using them.
In essence, Barcelona has many opportunities, especially for international students. Students
should no longer feel worried because of studying in a new place. After all, you will have many
opportunities to learn about other cultures and make new friends.

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