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    Eating & Drinking in Barcelona: Restaurants, Tapas-Bars, Bars and much more! Try out the diverse cuisine Barcelona has to offer you!

5 spectacular wineries in Barcelona


Nowadays, Catalunya is one of Spain’s best-known areas for the quality and the diversity of their wine and many wine lovers know that wine from this region is greatly appreciated and requested by people from all around the world! Barcelona ...

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Best Paella in Barcelona


When visiting Spain most people are eager to try paella as it is often seen as the Spanish national dish. So you may be surprised to learn that it is actually traditionally a Valencian dish that has managed to integrate ...

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona


Barcelona is full of delicious restaurants serving food from all over the world. There’s a lot of vegetarian restaurants serving the most pretty and colorful vegetarian food that you can’t miss. If you’re in Barcelona and don’t know where to ...

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Best Burger places in Barcelona

best burger bcn..

While Barcelona has plenty of tapas restaurants, pincho bars and markets full of fresh and colorful produce to prepare at home, sometimes all you really need is a Burger! And while we highly encourage you to take advantage of the ...

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Make your own cava in Barcelona


Only 50 minutes away from Barcelona you will find the first cava cellar in Spain where visitors can participate in the process of making cava. This experience was started in 2004 by two young entrepreneurs both from families within the tradition of wine making.

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Healthy food restaurants in Barcelona

Healthy food restaurants Barcelona

In addition to delicious Spanish tapas and Catalan food, Barcelona also offers a lot of healthy, veggie and organic food for all tastes. They make the healthy food good looking, and so colorful that even non-vegetarians wants to eat food ...

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