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My 1 year in Barcelona

I had been a student in Denmark for 2 years and I felt like it is time to move to a different country with warmer weather. Since I studied Spanish in high school and there was an opportunity to go for Erasmus I chose Barcelona because I could remember that the city was really charming back in 2007 when I visited it. Now I have to say that the city is so much better than my expectations. The climate is just perfect, there are a lot of green places even though it is a big city, it has a beach and there is always what to do.

As I lived abroad before I knew how difficult and sometimes dangerous it is to find an accommodation, especially if you have to find an apartment before coming to the country. That is the reason why I did not risk this time and used an agency. It is a perfect way to be secure for the beginning in case something happens but usually the agencies charge a lot of commission. Luckily Barcelona Home does not charge any extra commission and that is why I chose them.

I am not a big city type so I live a bit far from the center. The price gets really low the further from Ramblas you live and there is less people and more open spaces. You can experience a true Catalan community there. In the first 5 months I absolutely fell in love with Barcelona therefore I found an internship here to stay 5 more months and enjoy all the beautiful places.

My favorite places I would recommend to everybody are El Carmel and Montjuic to have great views of Barcelona; Ciutadella park to enjoy sunny, relaxing weekend and Sitges to see something outside of Barcelona.

Warning: if you come here once you will never want to leave!


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Written by: xavi


Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!

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