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    About Barcelona

    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

Apartments in Grácia

Apartments in Gracia

Grácia is a district of the city of Barcelona, located just one stop from the top of Passeig de Grácia. However, despite its close proximity to the center,once you enter this bustling neighborhood it feels like you have entered a ...

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Finding a summer internship in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city of opportunities. The combination of its multinational population and  strong positioning within Europe as a base for international trade means that some of the most successful brands in the world operate from the Catalan capital. The above ...

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What to do This Weekend in Barcelona


Weekends in Barcelona have a lot to offer! Whether you want to enjoy the fun-packed nightlife of Barcelona or a more quiet and relaxing time, we’ve gathered the best of everything just for you. Nightclubs, events, concerts… the number of things happening ...

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Las Fallas de Valencia

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#History The origins of this celebration are older than you may think, as it started during the Middle Ages. Indeed, the story tells the tale of artisans who would burn their accumulated old parts of wood and pieces junk in ...

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Itinerary for Animal Lovers

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You might have already noticed that Barcelona is filled with dogs! There’s not a single place without a dog, and you will always meet one, wherever you go! Great right?  This city is one of the most advanced in regards ...

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Barcelona Best Greek Restaurants

Barcelona best Greek Restaurants

Are you ready to discover Barcelona Best Greek Restaurants? Within our blog, we like to talk about the gastronomic culture of Barcelona, and also about other cultures in this cosmopolitan city. Today is the turn of Greek cuisine: if you are ...

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Best Italian restaurants in Barcelona

Best Italian Restaurants in Barcelona Cheese

If you’re looking for the Best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, you are in the right place. After tasting the typical Catalan cuisine, the next step is to taste the typical Italian dishes. Many Italian people live In Spain, so eat ...

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Guide on Barcelona’s Hottest Clubs

Barcelona's HottestClubs

If you have arrived in Barcelona, and you are wondering: which club am I going to dance tonight? Don’t worry, this guide on Barcelona hottest clubs is perfect for you! You must know that Barcelona’s nightlife is very amazing, and ...

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