Do you want to experience an exhilarating one-of-a-kind adventure? With this offer, you will be trained to become an experienced sports car driver. Be ready to build your strength and endurance with simulator training to help prepare you to drive a powerful and agile motorsport car!

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Our sports car driving package is a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel in some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles. With Barcelona Home experiences, you gain hands-on training and experience while renting the sports car of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a thrill or just want to learn more about these exciting machines, we can provide you with an unforgettable experience!

There are a variety of sports cars available for rent, from berths in Formula One races to high-end GTs. It all depends on your budget and preferences. Whatever your driving needs or desires, we have access to the right sports car for you.

We offer many different kinds of track experiences. To discuss your vision, please contact us and we will work with you to create the best day ever.


We encourage our clients to begin with strength and endurance training.

By doing strength training, you build the muscle and agility necessary to be a strong and capable driver. These skills will help you in and out of the sports car.

Strength training prepares your mind and body so you can take good care of the engine that is yourself. Drive longer, faster, and harder after spending time with our experienced professionals and coaches.

The benefits of training include burning fat, increasing muscle definition, correcting your posture, and quickening your reflexes.

We offer you customized and personal training to achieve this and are very excited to help you reach your personal goals.



Start your personal training with our FitLights Pro! Besides all our other training offers, we now have this handy tool that you can use for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a suitable training method for sports, workouts, racing or to develop your speed, this is the perfect solution.

The use of FitLights offers a wide range of possibilities. This is a user-friendly application that allows us to create a personalized program for you. It is perfect for any training or physical exercise with measurement to provide performance evidence. The flexibility of the system allows you to create customized exercises, applicable fitness training or sport-specific programs for athletes and coaches.

In your driving experience, we offer the Fitlight training to teach you how to operate the wheel and increase your reaction speed reaction. This system becomes an integral part of training by mirroring actual game training conditions to motivate you to improve responsiveness under intense game conditions and track your performance. Our methods are proven to be the perfect preparation for you to reach your highest level of performance.

Contact us to discuss your needs and desires, and together we can create the perfect personal program.


It is super important to meditate and visualize your goals and achievements before you get in the motor car. We offer you psychological training to prepare you for the stress of high-intensity activities.

A healthy mental condition is just as important as a physical one in order to drive a car. Therefore, make time not only for a physical, but also for a mental workout.

Our mental training methods come from sports psychology, among other things. Mental training is the exercise that helps athletes break through mental blocks to achieve better athletic performance. Just as you go to the gym to work on your physical health, you also need to work on your mental skills to become emotionally prepared to enter the racing track.

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Nothing will top your driving preparation than this simulator training!

We have combined the highest quality features of multiple simulators to create the ultimate realistic experience. Sourced from Simlab, Turn and Archer, our simulator is a combination of all the best products. This triple screen is sure to be the closest thing you can get to an actual racetrack.

In our simulator you can prepare yourself for a real-life experience while training your driving skills. Our Turn Steering Wheel tracks your movements and reinforces them with minimal lag time to create the most realistic experience. Furthermore our Simlab racing seat provides you not only with additional comfort, but also the shape and hold of that which you would expect to find in a Rally on the racetrack. The LG triple screen setup provides you with panoramic views, as if you had both side windows and the windshield of an actual Rally.

This high-tech software coaches you through the ride, helping to improve your skills along the way. At the end of the ride the simulator provides you with a thorough analysis of your achievements and areas that you can improve on. This is a unique experience that you will not find everywhere else.
To plan your personal Simulator experience, contact us to discuss a detailed and personal training program.


Driving coach training experience is designed to provide quality coaching and training for racing drivers. The program covers a range of topics such as braking, cornering, acceleration, gear changes and more.

Having a driving coach is a great way to learn quickly. A driving coach helps a driver compete in races while still being supervised. A driving coach will also help you set goals and track your progress.

We are happy to design a personal and unique experience based on your wishes and needs. Contact us to discuss your coaching session during your stay in Barcelona.


Within this driving experience, we will also take care of the reservation of the location. We reserve an entire track for your private practice.

A track reservation for practice is an important step for racers who want to prepare for a race. By reserving a space on the track, racers can ensure that they have the best possible environment in which to train.

If you are planning to participate in a race without experience coaching, then it is important to remember that making a track reservation is still beneficial. By reserving the space, you can ensure that you have the space necessary to practice without any disruption.

We can help you complete your reservation. Contact us for more information.


  1. Three Days Program (€750)
  2. Five Days Program (€950)

For inquiries, reservations, and all questions, please contact us below!

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