About us






We created Barcelona Home Experiences to share our passion for outrageous activities in and near the city of Barcelona. After years of experience in the tourism sector, we wanted to use our knowledge to create the best experiences we can offer our clients in the market. Our goal is to create to-never-forget quality moments for people to share with family and friends.

We offer all inclusive experience packages as well as customized packages to satisfy our clients’ needs even more profoundly. Thus, with us you can enjoy the best car experiences like coach racing, coach car simulators, helicopter and boat tours, Airsoft games and gastronomic activities. To make these experiences completely, we recommend you the best accommodation and car rental services.

What makes our experiences special is that we focus on real and authentic moments. We want to turn your stay in Barcelona into an adventurous and challenging experience. We guarantee safe and guided experiences with years of profession in the sector in order to provide a well guided and unique moment.