Start your personal training with our Fitlights pro! Besides all our other training offers, we now have this handy tool that you can use for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a suitable training method for sports, workouts, racing or to develop your speed, this is the perfect solution.

The use of Fitlights offers a wide range of possibilities. You can place them however you want and thanks to a very user-friendly app we can create personalized programs for you that are completely tailored to your personal needs. It is perfect for any training or physical exercise with measurements to provide performance evidence. The flexibility of the system allows you to create customized exercises, applicable fitness training or sport-specific programs for athletes and coaches, while the sports analysis features make athletes aware of their current fitness and allow them to define specific goals for improvement.

This system becomes an integral part of trainings by mirroring actual game training conditions to motivate you to improve responsiveness under intense game conditions and provide detailed performance analysis. It is the perfect preparation to order to reach your highest performance levels.

You can rent the Fitlights, but we also offer trainings while using them. Contact us to discuss your needs and desires, and together we can create the perfect personal program.


  • €25 / hour + an additional €15 per person (groups)
  • Personal and group packages available



Cancellation Policy

You are able to cancel 7 days before with a full refund

If you cancel 24hrs before, you will not receive a refund

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I get a discount if I book for multiple people? Get in contact with us and will we let you know what discounts are available
  • Where do we meet for this experience? Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • Can I buy this experience as a gift? Yes, please visit our gift cards shop
  • How long does it last until the experience expires? 3 months

Health & Safety

Please contact us with any health concerns or limitations you may have in relation to this experience, in order for us to provide you with the best experience possible


  • We are a company committed to Covid security measures
  • We disinfect our equipment in each service
  • We have alcohol and disinfectant
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in our facilities


Hazel Aviles


“I was a little nervous at first but got comfortable with this new experience thanks to my great trainer. I had never done anything like this before and really enjoyed trying something new.”

Brad Gyrch 


“My friends got a package for all of us to do several activities with Barcelona Home and this was perhaps my favorite. It was a fun physical activity but also very mentally challenging.”


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