Spend your Bachelor weekend in Barcelona!

There is no better way to live out your last weekend of freedom with your friends. It is a right of passage to spend a weekend with the people closest to you. Don’t let the hassle of planning your weekend hold you back! We have provided a few ideas and packages for you below. If you are interested in multiple services contact us to make a bundle package. We recommend planning a weekend at least 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding. The dates ultimately come down to you!

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Ride in Style

We suggest choosing between a party bus or limo for the best time.


Party Bus


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Phone: +34 696 816 736


Boat Tours

Instead of saying on land set sail with your crew for a day of laughter and drinking.


Event Venue Rentals

Rent a private venue with us.


Stay in for the night and hire a private chef!



Easily print your bachelor party theme on tshirts and more


Photo Services

Never miss a moment by hiring one of our many photographers. It will allow you to live in the moment and have all the photos you want when the weekend is over!


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Phone: +34 696 816 736