Airsoft Games in Barcelona

Would you want to have fun with your group of friends or colleagues? Playing Airsoft games is the military-style activity that will be filling you with tons of energy and enthusiasm. In the same time, Airsoft will challenge you to act strategically and be competitive. So, it’s your chance to play by your own rules!

What we offer?

We are fully prepared to offer you the best Airsoft experience in Barcelona. With us you can have:

  • full day package
  • hourly package
  • private training classes
  • group training classes

We also can create Airsoft customized packages depending on your needs and preferences.

What you need?

You can bring your own equipment. You don’t have? Don’t worry! We have all the necessary Airsoft equipment to rent for you and your team at our place.

Also, our team speaks your language and you will feel fully comfortable with us.

We highly recommend Airsoft games as perfect entertainment activity for corporations and groups of friends.

About the camp

We offer you a huge camp for Airsoft game which is equipped with different reconstructions of battlefields. The space follows all security laws and regulations in order to ensure your safety while playing.

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