Martial Arts & Personal Defense Package

If you want to learn how to defend yourself, or you want to learn a new martial art, this experience offers the best opportunity to do so! Self-defense teaches you how to protect yourself against assault and theft using martial arts and other physical techniques.

Learning martial arts helps you to improve overall fitness and develop strength. But most importantly, self-defense classes teach specific strategies and routines that allow one to recognize and avoid dangerous situations they are exposed to encounter in everyday life.

This opportunity is also valid support for students looking to release energy, engage in a new challenge, and develop personal control. Martial arts will teach one a variety of personal tools such as focus, discipline, goal setting, memory, respect, confidence, and the realization of the effort that it takes to become a confident individual.

If you, friends, family, or colleagues are interested in this activity, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


  • 30 minutes training / €50
  • 45 minutes training / €75
  • 1 hour training / €95
  • 1.5 hours training / €125

Cancellation Policy

You are able to cancel 7 days before with a full refund.
If you cancel 24hrs before, you will not receive a refund

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I get a discount if I book for multiple people? Get in contact with us and will we let you know what discounts are available
  • Where do we meet for this experience? Plaça de Catalunya, 08002 Barcelona
  • Can I buy this experience as a gift? Yes, please visit our gift cards shop
  • How long does it last until the experience expires? 3 months

Health & Safety

Please contact us with any health concerns or limitations you may have in relation to this experience, in order for us to provide you with the best experience possible


  • We are a company committed to Covid security measures.
  • We disinfect our equipment in each service
  • We have alcohol and disinfectant
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in our facilities.

Contact info


Phone: +34 696 816 736

Location: Plaça de Catalunya, 08002 Barcelona


Sarah Sanchez


“An incredible and complete class about self-defense, with amazing teachers and a great, safe, and comfortable environment!”



Noah Bakker


“I’ve trained in martial arts for many years and found this experience to be a great way to stay in shape and keep up with my practice while I was living in Barcelona for a few months.”



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