Experience Porsche GT3 on the racetrack

Experience the fascination of Porsche, go to your limits, enjoy thrilling sports car dynamics – all this and more , with a sophisticated program designed to meet the needs and abilities of our clients.

It’s all about practice – right from the very first moment. The overriding principle: learning by doing – working through the various training levels. In this way, you can finely hone your driving skills, step by step. From the basics of vehicle control through to applying for your own racing license.

We offer a great facility, incredible cars and the most experienced instructors available. It’s no wonder, that many of our students make use of the various courses time and time again to develop their skills further. And to take another step closer to their core goal: even more driving pleasure per second.

Look for the inner adrenaline junkie you possess and experience the Porsche GT3 on the race track. You will have a full course to discover all the thrilling features Porsche can offer you.

Porsche “RS” models would not exist without the race track. This experience will illustrate the raw, focused character of the legendary Porsche GT models through their evolution. You will start with a session in the latest 911 to familiarize yourself with the tracks.

Ready, set, GO!


5 laps on the track for : €200,00
Minimum age: 18

Exclusive booking: At least 10 people. We suggest that you reserve it beforehand.

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Cancellation / Prepayment

20€ per race