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Expats in Barcelona

Expats in Barcelona

Barcelona is a popular city for expatriates due to its status as one of Europe’s major business hubs. Many expatriates come to Barcelona from all over the world for various reasons and we want to provide apartments for them.
An expatriate is someone who lives in another country than where the person legally resides. Expatriates are not referred to as immigrants because usually they are only staying in the country for a while and not permanently, although some of them might choose to maintain residence in the new country. There are a lot of expats in Barcelona working in all sectors, however the vast majority work in either the tourism or technology industry. Barcelona’s tourism industry is huge and continuously growing, so there’s great demand for native speakers of all the languages of the world. The technology industry in Barcelona is at the forefront of technology research and development which attracts experts from the rest of the world.

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Moving to another country

The reason why expatriates decide to move to another country other than the one in which he or she legally resides is usually because of work. Sometimes companies offer positions abroad that are more attractive and suitable for the employee, which makes he or she decide to move abroad. There can of course be other reasons why people want to reside in another country different than the one they were born in. Some people just seek a different kind of lifestyle than the one that they are used to.
Changing your environment gives you new opportunities and simple reasons like a warmer climate can be a tempting factor to move abroad. In that way, expatriates differ widely from one another. When coming to a new country, a great part of your research will be on how to find good accommodation.

Beware of dealing with private landlords

There can be many things that could go wrong when trying to rent an apartment or a room just via internet contact. Problems often occur when renting from a private person who can turn out to be unreliable and who doesn’t want to give you a contract. Therefore, it can be an advantage and time saving choice to turn to a company.

Accommodation for Expats in Barcelona by Barcelona-Home

Thinking about joining the ranks of the many expats in Barcelona? Beware, there are companies which charge extra fees for their services. Barcelona-Home.com doesn’t charge any agency-fees and is therefore the choice of a lot of expatriates that come to Barcelona looking for accommodation. Whatever your reason as an expatriate is to come to Barcelona, we will help you with moving abroad!



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