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Cleaning services


Barcelona-Home always tries to ensure the highest level of cleaning services for our apartments. Especially during these days, we want to guarantee the highest-quality cleanliness of our apartments. Information about new methods of cleaning service:

Ultraviolet light cleaning


An extremely effective way of killing bacteria without the use of chemicals. There are various machines that use UV light, one of them is a UV purifier. A UV purifier works especially well on flu virus germs that are floating in the air. This is the main reason why Barcelona-Home recommends a UV purifier to clean your apartment during and after COVID-19. Barcelona-Home recommends you to read the instruction manual very carefully and follow the instructions precisely to avoid a bad or excessive use.

Household ozone machine

An ozone machine is also a very good way to clean the air inside your apartment. When using an ozone machine, it is important not to be inside the room. Ozone has an extra oxygen atom, which is the reason why it works so well. Barcelona-Home recommends you to read the instructions carefully, and follow them closely too.

During these new challenging times, Barcelona-Home puts your safety first.

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