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Purchases and Sales properties in Barcelona

Barcelona Home has a direct and comprehensive experience of over 20 years in all phases of management, development and marketing of real estate, one of the largest companies with the greatest potential real estate.

Administration, management and merchandising, in sales and counseling of all classes of real estate, whoever the owner is.

Purchases and Sales propertiesBarcelona-home is a portal that has the tools needed to facilitate the sale of your property with the help of our management and promotion through various channels, including one of the most important ones, the internet, that will allow us to, by exploiting web pages, achieve our goals and let you get yours. We have the best ways to manage the purchase and sale of your property and provide advice for any process that is related to the purchase and sale of your property.

The professional team of Barcelona-home has an experience of prestige in the process of buying and selling real estate, positioning, which guarantees an effective and safe process in the management of purchase and sale.

Our business model is based on providing the maximum legal guarantees to buyers and sellers, using present legal mechanisms in full transparency and reporting at any time to buyer and seller the status of your retail.


The portal of Barcelona-home has a vision and an international team as we offer services in more than 2 languages ​​such as English, Russian, German, French, Swedish, etc. We guarantee you that your property will have international visibility in all markets, as we have partners in over 12 countries.


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