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Vall De Boi stunning View of scenery and Romenesque Church

Vall de Boi


There are 1900 Romanesque churches in the region of Catalonia.  Romanesque architecture  is a type of architecture that dates back to  medieval Europe. It is also seen as the first art style that is internationally spread across the continent.

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Vall de Boi is a narrow, steep valley in a small town in Catalonia. You’ll find lots of Romanesque architecture. In 2000, eight churches and one monastery formeer recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The churches were built during the 11th / 12th century, when the increased prosperity in the region. Use was made ​​of the profit achieved during the re-suspension to build new churches. These churches in Vall de Boi today offer the unique opportunity to admire the Romanesque architecture with a stunning backdrop of the hills and mountains.
Nowadays you can not only visit the church, but also see the beautiful murals in the MNAC (National kunstmuseun of Catalonia), which is near the Montjuïc park is.

What to do

You can find more information about tours and sightseeing in the Roman town of Vall de Boi. Most churches are open daily between 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 7:00 p.m..
Besides admiring the Romanesque architecture are also doing many other activities such as skiing, hiking, hot springs and water sports.
For the truly adventurous, there is a ski area called the Bau-Taüll resort.
There are also many hiking trails in the area. On the website of the Boi Valley you will find six different routes.
After these activities, you will probably have some rest! Therefore visit the hot springs in the valley. There are 37 different, and the temperatures range from 4 to 56 degrees Celsius.

How can you get there?

With the bus
It is possible to take the bus from Barcelona to North Station Pont de Suert (4 hours), and then then bus to Pla de Ermita (35 minutes). For times and prices are best just before leaving the ALSA check website.
By car
The trip to Vall de Boi by car takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Follow the A-2 and then, once you are close Leida, you should take the N-230 and L-500 junction (Vall de Boi). Follow the L-500 to the LV-502, which leads to the stradje Erill la Vall. At the edge of the Erill la Vall You can find a parking space.
Many people who visit Vall de Boi for one or two days stay in Barcelona. If you need help finding an accommodation in Barcelona please have a look at Barcelona-Home.

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