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District: Les Corts, Barcelona

Les Corts Barcelona

Les Corts Barcelona is based in the district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi; this is considered to be the neighborhood of class, dignity and peacemaking. Its quite a friendly area where you will meet lots of smiling visitors but also will also have a lot of stuff to do and places to visit.

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Sightseeing in Les Corts Barcelona

Les Corts is an important financial business district in Barcelona and has various good hotels and restaurants. Near there on Diagonal , there is a large shopping complex called L’Illa , where there are many good restaurants huge supermarket , a small exhibition center and of course lots of clothes shops including some of the world’s most popular international brands such as Zara, Custo and Garcia.

There is another place to visit during the day which is the stunning Placa Espanya which is just a few minutes away from Les Corts. Here you will acknowledge and see all the wonderful entertainment that the Montjuic will have to offer during the day. You can take a walk into the historical island where you will see a leafy area called Eixample, it will take you about half an hour getting there. There are good facilities and more historic, picturesque areas a walk away.

Also do not forget if you are a football manic, Barcelona’s Football Ground Camp Nou is based in this area les Corts and if you are an enthusiast you can take a tour of the museum and ground.

Hotspots in Les Corts Barcelona

There are many restaurants to wine and dine in such as La Tertulia, Negro-Rojo, Verd & Co, Mussol Pedralbes Center and many more. All these are a delightful delicate mixture of a healthy lifestyle as well including some of the top Meat, Catalan, Tapas, Mediterranean season cuisine.

The night life in les Corts is quite outstanding as there are many, bars and clubs. Be sure to remember to dress up magnificently as this the nice looking park in Barcelona and you will surely bump into the rich. However for some of you who might not enjoy clubbing or is not really your thing, do not worry, there is a tapas place on every street corner so be sure to give that a visit!

Where to stay in Les Corts Barcelona

This friendly district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi, is known to be quite relaxing , quite calm and full of friendly streets where you will find majority of the people that belong to the upper-class. Rent an apartment in Les Corts where you will meet the young stylish visitors as well as socials. Here you will also be able to enjoy the luxury of good drinks ,music and an amazing nightlife.

History of Les Corts Barcelona

Les Corts is one of the ten districts into which Barcelona has had a massive division since 1984 which was created in 1897 out of the two previous municipalities allowing Les Corts and a few other areas to become part of the Sarria-Sant Gervasi , having such a small number in the distract it is the least popular of districts in Barcelona.

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