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Danskere i Barcelona, Spanien

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The city has many facilities and it has become a city where many stay longer than they expected.

Barcelona has a very attractive for many international investorere. They have their base in Catalonia and they work both with companies in Spain and elsewhere in the world. Because of the many to outside investors who need to speak English, but this is unfortunately not so many who can.

If you have the idea that you will take to Spain to find a job, then Spain many possibilities. It is a great advantage to be Spanish, but it is not necessary in some companies. That means you can get to Spain without to much Spanish, and still get a job.

When it comes to the fall in Spain is local very nice to help. When you work side by side with the locals will quickly be respected. To outside worker There ‘has been a big part of Catalunian work help. It must also be said that Barcelona is not a nomal city in Spain, but more a Europe characterized by that, inspired by many cultures. Therefore makes it all easier when you come to the city to stay here.

Below are some useful links if you want to move to Barcelona:

SpainExpat.com – Your trusted Expat information resource for living in Spain, since 2000.

Catalanlife.com – Website for Catalunya Lifestyle magazine aimed at expatriates living or relocation to Catalonia. Packed with articles and useful information about living in Spain and offering full Relocation services; applying for residency, car import, insurances, etc.

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Overnatning Barcelona

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Overnatning Barcelona

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