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    Our selection of best places of Grocery shopping and great markets in Barcelona. Feel the authentic Barcelona!

Winter Markets in Barcelona

Winter Markets in Barcelona

Ladies and gentlemen, December has begun! This means that a lot of cozy markets are organized again. Whether these are Christmas markets, second-hand markets, flea markets or something else, it’s all here in Barcelona. To save you the work of ...

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The 13 Most Beautiful Market Halls of Europe

The 13 Most Beautiful Market Halls of Europe Barcelona-Home

Spices, chocolate, freshly baked bread, tea, sweets for every palate, seasonal fruits, deli from the best confectioneries, hamburgers with fried chicken, cheese and excellent wine… We could go on forever. Check out the local market halls whenever you are visiting ...

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Boqueria Market – Culinary Delights

Boqueria market - Barcelona-home

The Boqueria Market No VISIT TO BARCELONA is complete without visiting the incredibly spectacular Boqueria Market on LA RAMBLA with its numerous stalls bursting with foods of every kind and from every part of the world! Most importantly, it is best to visit in the morning; ...

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Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market Barcelona-Home

Santa Caterina Market Barcelona has a wide variety of markets and supermarkets throughout it’s area; in addition to counting on fresh products of local and international origin. The Santa Caterina Market is one of these places that offers you a ...

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Hostafrancs Market


Hostafrancs Market is located in the area of Sants on Carrer de la Creu Coberta. This area has many amenities, as well as a great train and bus station. The market is one of the great sights to see in ...

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Encants Vells Market

Encants Vells Market Barcelona Flea Market

For a truly unique shopping experience in Barcelona, none is quite like that of the Encants Vells market. If you want to take home a more unusual souvenir as opposed to the typical FC Barcelona football shirt or fridge magnet, ...

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