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7 profits of investing in off-pan real estate in Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai

Dubai’s investment environment is generally stable and has high rental yields. What other profits will be obtained when buying off-plan property in Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai? 

by Kriss Prat

Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai is an ultra-luxury project from renowned developer Damac Properties. This promising apartment complex, which is already becoming iconic, is a new incarnation of luxury located in a premium coastal community. The community Damac Bay in Dubai, UAE provides foreign investors and expats with spacious residences focused on delivering exceptional comfort, premium quality and a list of privileges. Stylish design is developed by renowned masters to create a wonder of the architectural world. 

In this article, we will discuss 7 profits obtained by investors and future residents of Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai. 

A few words about the community

The community is planned to be unique in terms of impressive architecture. Wavy towers from 30 to 40 stories high, located on the very harbor shore, are connected by an elegant high-rise podium, which offers the most spectacular and incredible views.

The buyers can choose an ultra luxury apartment of 1-3 bedrooms. Unique design, tailored to the preferences of a modern human, complements the unparalleled luxury environment. 

Profits featured by Damac Bay by Cavalli 

The delivery of Damac Bay by Cavalli is scheduled for 2027. Investing in off-plan properties, the buyers obtain an opportunity to get income not only from renting out but from the increase in the object`s value. More important upsides of purchasing property in Damac Bay by Cavalli are the following:

  1. More affordable cost. 
  2. Flexible payment plans.
  3. Opportunity to resell the property before the delivery.
  4. High rental income.
  5. Transparency of a deal.
  6. Advanced facilities in the complex. 
  7. Abundance of variants.

More affordable cost

Off-plan is the purchase of housing before construction is completed. The average price of such apartments, depending on the stage of the project, is 15-20% lower than the cost of finished apartments and houses. The housing market off-plan is particularly beneficial to buyers from abroad who are not in a hurry to move into new apartments and are willing to wait for the commissioning of the house.

Flexible payment plans

Almost all developers offer installment plans. The first payment varies from 5% to 25%, but it is at the stage of the foundation pit it usually does not exceed 10%. The developing company DAMAC Property requires 20% of down payment. 

Opportunity to resell the property before the delivery

High profitability of real estate in the Arab Emirates allows you to quickly resell the newly purchased property. Bought off-plan housing rises in value every month: by the time the object is delivered, the property can go up by 20-30% compared to the cost at the beginning of construction.

The cost of the object increases at each stage of construction. In such a way, even at the first stages, the object rises in value. 

High rental income

Having your own apartment, you can get an excellent passive income from renting it to tourists or other foreigners living in the UAE. Moreover, the city is constantly under construction and there is no problem with buying an apartment. You can invest in construction and in a couple of years get a property in a respectable area. Buying real estate off-plan is a perfect long-term investment. 

Transparency of a deal

The government of the UAE regulates the transactions and controls the rights of a buyer and a developer. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority and the Dubai Land Department in the UAE are taking numerous measures to give buyers extra protection against delays, freezes or fraud.

The developers do not have access to the funds of buyers until the construction reaches a certain stage of completion. 

Advanced facilities in the complex

Being a resident of Damac Bay by Cavalli, you can enjoy the following amenities:

  • Palms and large pools inside the greenery.
  • Private beach with round the clock access.
  • Spas, saunas and gyms.
  • Family friendly grounds with a barbecue area.
  • Spacious lounges.
  • 24-hour services and security

This is the limited list of unlimited facilities provided in the community. 

Abundance of variants 

Buyers can choose an apartment according to their needs and desires. Every offer in the local real estate market is luxurious and exquisite. The community is an ideal place for people who want to make a profitable investment in Dubai property. It offers all kinds of residential units sorted into three separate towers. Property owners in Damac Bay by Cavalli have access to every amenity and service imaginable.

The bottom line

Looking for an exclusive housing unit in Damac Bay by Cavalli, potential buyers have to address the real estate agency Dubai-Property.Investments. In such a way, they will obtain certified help in the process of selection, contacting the developer and at each stage of the transaction.  

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