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Family-Friendly Apartment Rentals in Beijing

Find out what is a Family-Friendly Apartment Rentals in Beijing!

What’s “family-friendly” mean?

“Family-friendly” evaluations can be split into the following:

  1. Property complex in Beijing: Does the compound of apartments have children’s pools and playgrounds? The complex should offers facilities to allow the possibility to make new friends for the children and parents.
  2. The apartment itself: Beijing apartments in the same compound can vary greatly. Check out the layout of the apartment and space based on your criteria.
  3. The residents in Beijing: Are the people in the compound nice and friendly.

How to pick the right compound in Beijing?

Expat families in Beijing naturally tend to prioritize accommodation near their children’s school. The closer an apartment is to international schools in Beijing, the higher probability of finding family-friendly accommodation with similar families.

happy family having fun outdoors at home on a sunny day

Happy family having fun outdoors at home on a sunny day

What the percentage of 3+ bedroom Beijing apartments does it have?

Having a higher percentage of 3+ bedrooms apartments within a compound is a good indicator that mostly families reside there. Importantly, most compounds that provide larger apartments were built with families in mind, and will usually include family-friendly facilities such as children’s playground, basketball courts and some even offer child care and babysitting options.

Is the area quiet in Beijing?

Visit the compound at different times of a day if possible, to monitor the noise levels. Is it quite enough for your child to have a nap? For parents with children, a 24 hrs security guard can give you piece of mind when your children play around the apartment complex. Check if there is any construction work nearby, work on construction sites is done 7 days a week up until the late evenings – not the best place to live with an infant.

Are the apartment and surrounding area friendly for children?

Your new apartment/house in Beijing might be nothing like your residence back home, with the lack of open space often being the biggest disparity. A compound that has something to keep the children busy such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, or even a park nearby is important. Having fun things to keep them occupied, along with giving them the opportunity to make friends much easier, can help them adjust and settle in faster.


Option to find Family-friendly compounds in Beijing

We recommend you look and ask around, but to get you started we present here some compounds that are well-recognized for having a great family atmosphere in Beijing.

  • Beijing Yosemite: Beijing Yosemite is a popular expat compound located along the Wenyu River and it is very green constituting around half of the compound with feng shui landscaping, barbecuing area, jogging trails and a lake to enjoy those summer days. Yosemite is situated along the banks of the Wenyu River by the Jingshun road and near to both the Beijing American School and the International School of Beijing (ISB).
  • Dragon Bay Villa: Dragon Bay Villa contains over 600 properties including townhouses, semi-detached and detached villas that range from a 286sqm 3 bedroom layout to a 420sqm 4 bedroom layout. Dragon Bay is situated along the banks of the Wenyu River and near to both the Beijing American School and the International School of Beijing (ISB).
  • Capital Paradise: Capital Paradise consists of over a thousand villas, apartments, and townhouses that range from a 159sqm 3 bedroom layout to a 229sqm 4 bedroom layout. The compound has a large green area and is a favorite amongst foreigners due to its high quality and close location to ISB.
  • Beijing Riviera: Beijing Riviera covers an area of around 1.5 million square meters and contains around 447 luxury European style villas, 124 serviced apartments, and 64 townhouses. The compound is popular amongst families for its family tailored facilities including a bike track, large green spaces including a lake, close to the Western Academy of Beijing, on-site Dulwich Kindergarten.
  • Grand Hills: Grand Hills covers an area of 240,000sqm with a central park that covers 80,000sqm and a man-made lake. You will find there 153 North American style detached villas ranging from a 450sqm 4 bedroom layout to a 711sqm 5 bedroom layout. The compound contains green sloping hills and water features mixed with the low-density housing makes this one of the most exclusive and popular compounds for expats in Beijing. Grand Hills is located on the Jing Shun Road opposite the Beijing Riviera compound and close to the Western Academy of Beijing.

Find your ideal Beijing property to rent

When hunting for family-friendly compounds in Beijing, it’s important to find something that matches everyone’s needs. Hopefully, this article prompts you not to forget anything. And let us know in the comments below if you think there’s anything important we missed out!

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