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    Here you will find Itineraries adapted to your needs. Let us help you prepare your perfect journey to Barcelona!

Extreme sports in and around Barcelona

Extreme sports in and around Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to holidays. Some like to lie on the beach or read a book at home all day, while others are incapable of sitting on for longer than five minutes! If you are a ...

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Things to do on Valentine’s day in Barcelona

valentine's day - barcelona-home

Celebrating Valentine’s day in Barcelona Traditionally, there are two cities globally known for romance in Europe: Paris and Venice. But certainly, Barcelona isn’t short of romantic places either. Valentine’s day in Barcelona is celebrated on the 14th of February. Indeed, ...

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How to use the buses in Barcelona

Using the Buses in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

If you wish to use the buses in Barcelona, in the same way as the metro, they are managed by the company TMB. Fortunately, Barcelona has many bus lines that run throughout the city, and benefit both residents who travel on a ...

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Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Las Golondrinas helps you experience the marine sights of Barcelona from a different perspective. This company means ‘the swallows’, and started its business in 1888. Moreover, it was the first company to show the port from the seaside perspective. Currently ...

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