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Barcelona’s underground transport network involved belong to metros addition to the RENFE trains and commuter trains, Rodalies lines. In addition, the underground operated by the FGC trains. Rodalies network is convenient for season ticket holders, as well as those who suunnitelevat short trips to Barcelona nearby areas. Most of the trains direction Barcelona, ​​north or south, such as Blanes or Sitges.


Estació de Sants is located in the west section of Barcelona’s main railway station (placed Avengida Diagonal and Plaza de España in between). The majority of short-haul and long-distance trains depart from this station towards France and other Spanish cities. Metro lines L3 and L5 stop at the station.

Estació de França is a nostalgic old time train station, which is located  in Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park, in the southern part. Click here to go to and fro arrive National upper class trains. Metro station Barceloneta (L4) is only a few hundred meters walk from the train station.

Passeig de Gràcia station is an underground subway station. Many short distance trains away from and towards Estació de Santsia pass through this station, and the underground lines L2, L3, L4 and FCG stop here.

Barcelona’s Estació Plaça de España you can take the FGC aboard -junien, if you travel from, for example, towards Montserrat and Manresa. Also the Metro lines L1 and L3 pass through this station.

Plaça de Catalunya offers FGC train connections per Tibitaboa, Sant Cugatia and the northern part of the city. In addition, the station you can find trains and metro lines Rodalies network of L1 and L3.

A short distance connections

Tickets are valid for all the city’s subways, FGC, buses and Rodalies trains. Underground has two lines, which connect the city center of Barcelona to the upper suburban areas. The lines connecting some of the metro stations.

* The ticket price in one direction (one area) is € 1.30, while the travel card and a 10-time ticket costs € 7.20

* For longer distances ticket prices vary. Ask for the price separately from the station.


Monday-Thursday, Sunday / Holidays at: 5.00 to 24.00

Fridays: from 5.00 to 2.00

Saturday – 24 hour service






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