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mecal festival

Mecal Festival Barcelona

Mecal, the 16th international short and animation film festival of Barcelona will be celebrated from the 6th until the 30th of March 2014. Mecal is one of the most important film events in Spain. Films from both professionals and amateurs will be featured at this festival.  Every year film makers, industry professionals, and cinephiles head to Barcelona for the Mecal festival. Last year there were more than 300 short films from several different countries. If you are a fan of films, you should definitely check out this incredible festival!

Найдите ваше жилье сейчас!

Mecal hosts short films in different sections; animation, documentaries, oblique, and international. The animation sections has only been added since 2013, before this there were only the documentary, oblique, and international sections. The animation section includes six programs of national and international animated short films of various formats such as the classic cartoon or stop-motion. For the documentary section you can expect aggressive works which will allow you to recognize and take interest in certain aspects of reality far away from our daily lives. The films featuring the oblique section consist of short films in which creative writing and innovation is reflected, at narrative and formal level. Lastly, for the international section you can expect films that try to illustrate the diversity of plot, aesthetic features and gender in the current worldwide production of the short film format. These four sections belong to the official competition sections, and film-makers will compete to win film awards awarded at the festival.

Parallel sections

Besides the competition sections, Mecal hosts several parallel sections each year. Examples of the parallel sections are BAFTA, Catalan talents, Spanish talents, children’s section, wild west, bike special, feminine sections, music video’s, and many more. For the people under us that are interested in the more experimental (okay, let’s say a bit naughty) films; there are the sections called ”never like the first time” and ”golden shower”. Actually the name already gives it away; the never like the first time section features six different European short films telling stories about girls and boys experiencing their first time. However, all films are looking at it from very different and unusual viewpoints and perspectives. The second section, golden shower, is the sex section. Need we explain more?

Invited: the Netherlands

Every year a different country will be invited to the Mecal Barcelona film festival. This year Holland will the proud guest country. Even though the Netherlands is a small country, they have lots of amazing films to offer. This year at the Mecal you will have the opportunity to see the best Dutch short films, documentaries, and animation films. You can see a selection of the best films of the Go Short Film-festival (a Dutch short film festival being held in Nijmegen), work samples of Dutch students from the Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, and work of writers as Daan Bakker and Joost Lieuwma. These are only a few examples of the Dutch work you will see at the Mecal festival, there will be many more films from several incredible Dutch writers.

There is more!

Besides films, the Mecal festival 2014 offers master-classes from Phil Malloy and 9 zeros, a workshop from the Dutch film-maker and winner of several awards Hisko Hulsing, and several conferencies.

Schedule and Prices

The Mecal film festival is held from the 6th until the 30th of March 2014. For the complete schedule, check the offical Mecal website and download the schedule.

Prices vary from €4,50 to €25,00 depending on the kind of ticket you purchase. For more information about the prices, check the Mecal website.


MecalSubt / Associación Mecal
C/ Clot 46, 2°-2°
08018 Barcelona
Tel / Fax: + 34 93 247 03 53

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