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Ideas for dream wardrobes

The best ideas for dream wardrobes, find them here!

Today, with the evolution of fashion textile, whether man or woman, when a person is looking for an apartment, one of the first things they look for, is if there is room for storage (especially women for their clothes). As we have seen recently in several commercials, a woman’s “dream” is to have plenty of room to store large number of shoes and clothes. It shows the importance of a large wardrobe in today’s homes.

Having a large wardrobe in order to organize clothing is the dream of many home buyers. The need for more space is usually one of the most common reasons to move house and is often due to needing and wanting a larger closets. We’re going to show you a collection of photos of wardrobes that will brighten up your home.

A room with wardrobes where we can carefully store dresses, skirts, shoes … Have you ever dreamed of something like that? Traditionally associated as a woman’s clothing wish, but men also need more and more space to store their suits, trousers, ties, etc.

We present to you several photos of dream closets, only available for large homes but in which you can get ideas to cater for all your clothes and shoes and so that they are organized as well!


Dave Brewer Homes


Erotas Building Corporation


California Closets Twin Cities


Hall Developments




Tim Wood Limited


Cablik Enterprises


Weber Design Group, Inc.


Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.


Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.


Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design


The Container Store

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