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Outdoor cinema in Barcelona. If you don’t feel like going to a party, eat at a restaurant or go to the beach, you can always enjoy a good movie! Up in the mountains, in the middle of Barcelona there is an area called Sala Montjuîc. The site is enormously popular in Barcelona because of the outdoor cinema they offer they offer. Instead of sitting in a regular theater, you can take your bike or the bus up to the mountains to go to the movies. They have a great selection of movies and films that are not dubbed into Spanish, it is not only the residents of Spain who go there, the majority are tourists. If you are not very interested in going to the movies, you should still try this outdoor cinenma! And why not bring a picnic too?

You can watch movies three times a week
Monday, Wedensday and Friday.

Adults:  6,00 €
Children: free entrance under 6
Chair for rent: 3,00 €



View Sala Montjuïc in a larger map

View Sala Montjuïc in a larger map

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