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Underrated museums in Barcelona

You know Barcelona and its ranked best attractions and museum. For sure, you heard a lot about the Fundació Joan Miró and the National Art Museum of Catalunya. However, we believe that there are different museums, galleries, in Barcelona that deserve more attention than they receive. These attractions can be amusing and informative at the same time, contributing to your nice day in Barcelona. If your curiosity is aroused keep reading our article on the underrated museums in Barcelona.

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others. -Salvador Dali


Here are 3 museums that deserve more attention in Barcelona:

#1 Museum of Modernism Barcelona

 Museum of Modernism Barcelona; Barcelona Home

The Art Nouveau is an international style of art that was most popular between 1890 and 1910. More than a temporary trend, the Catalan Nouveau contributes to an urbanistic, social and political revival in Barcelona and in Catalonia. Soon, the local authorities adopted it as an official art and ordered modernist construction sites (such as the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Hospital of Sant Pau). You can also see the influence of this movement in the design of lampposts, benches; but also religious buildings such as La Sagrada Familia.

The museum has been opened since 2010 in Born, thanks to the passion of a couple of antique dealers. Although the museum is not very big, it shelters a varied collection showing a good overview of the diversity of the artistic movement. For instance, you can have a look to the different furniture distributed in three rooms (Busquets, Homar, and Gaudí). Regarding the paintings of the museum, you will realize that the Catalan art nouveau is not as uniform as the other movements (impressionism or the cubism). Among the exposed painters, we can quote in particular Ramon Casas, an iconic figure of the modernist movement.

You can also enjoy some sculptures from the Art Nouveau. Women and nature are recurring themes in that period. And last but not least, the decorative arts. One of the peculiarities of the modernism is the diversity of the sectors in which it shows itself.  You will see some beautiful examples at the Museum of the Catalan Modernism. Intrigue by the Catalonian Art Nouveau? Book your ticket from 8.5 euros with us!

Address: 48 carrer de balmes
Telephone: +34 934231270
Email: [email protected]

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2# The Gallery of Optical Illusions

The Gallery of Optical Illusions; Barceona-Home

Coming from Russia, the galleries of the illusions concentrate a series of paintings which produce a 3D impression. Due to their success, these places were exported beyond the Russian territory; the gallery of the illusions of Barcelona is for the moment the only one in Europe. Opened since the end of 2015,  it accommodates 70 paintings of animals, maritime panoramas, characters of fiction or celebrities, but also zombies or escalators.

The painters of the gallery of the illusions also paid tribute to the city by representing some Catalan symbols on the walls: you can photograph yourself in front of the Sagrada Familia, sit down on the steps of the Park Güell, attend a match to the Camp Nou or interfere in one of the famous paintings of Salvador Dalí. To make your photo a success, follow the marking which indicates where to place yourself. The images on the wall show the pose to be taken to have the best effect.  Book with us from 8 euros your ticket to this amusing activity to do with your friends and family!

Address: Museu de les Il·lusions Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 17
Telephone: +34 934231270
Email: [email protected]

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3# Gaudi exhibition center

Gaudi exhibition center; Barcelona-Home

The exposition center is a project of Gaudi Exhibition S.L. It is more than a 1 000 m2 and gather numerous objects and documents around the life of the artist and is presented in four main themes. Gaudi is the only architect in the world with seven monuments declared at the UNESCO world heritage (Park Güell, Casa Batllò, Casa Milà, Palau Güell, Sagrada Familia, Crypt of the Colonia Güell and Casa Vicens).

To emphasize the genius of Gaudi, the Museu Diocesà put in place, with the help of the scientists of the Gaudi Institute and the know-how of Samsung, an interactive exhibition! You will be accompanied throughout your visit by, an available audio guide in four different languages, but also; you can look at an introduction in the form of an 180° video, making you live an increased reality experience. Do not forget to take advantage of the holograms, tablets and mobile application at your disposal to complete your visit. Discover Gaudi’s work and book with us from 14.25 euros!

Address:  Pla de la Seu, 7
Telephone:  +34 934231270

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