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Formula 3 is a class of open-wheel formula racing. The various championships held in Europe, Australia, South America and Asia form an important step for many prospective Formula One drivers. Formula 3 has traditionally been regarded as the first major stepping stone for F1 hopefuls – it is typically the first point in a driver’s career at which most drivers in the series are aiming at professional careers in racing rather than being amateurs and enthusiasts. F3 is not cheap, but is regarded as a key investment in a young driver’s future career. Success in F3 can lead directly to a GP2 seat or even a Formula One test or race seat.

Take to the track on a racing driving experience and be prepared for the staggering speed and acceleration of a Single Seater Race Car.

Not only will you experience the exhilaration of driving a high speed with the wind in your face and sitting inches from the floor, but also the g-force created when you power round high speed corners.

Feel the thrill of a Formula 3 driver on a race track. Choose laps now. In the next step you can choose the track and date. Prepare on a real adrenaline rush while driving this Formula 3 machine!


2 laps: €99,00
3 laps: €129,00
4 laps: €179,00
6 laps: €249,00

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