About me: I’m from İvory Coast. This beautiful country with multiple cultures and I live in Ankara. Although I could have put the 18th district of Paris, but here it is.

Now, what I like: Cinema, music (rap, my ears do not support rock), reading, night walks, myself, my family, my three loved nephews, Traveling, the honest people.
What I do not like: hypocrites, it makes me nauseous.
In short, I am in the 4th year of my double graduate career. two different undergraduates; Journalism and Public Relations & Marketing.
I’m honest and I do not appreciate insignificant people who need to comment on the lives of others to exist. I do not listen to rumors, and three-quarters of the people I meet are fantastic friends.

Nationality: Ivory coast


Reservations and bookings


customer service and sales through the phone and email; assisting check-ins and guest reception; dealing with refunds, relocations and bookings; visiting apartments with costumers ; contact person between the company and the costumers; checking reviews to improve the customer service; close negotiations with the customers and the landlords through calculating the price changes; dealing with problems with rentals and refunds