I’m reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication studies in Malta and I’m currently in 1st year of studies. I’ve always been curious to explore life away from my norm, therefore, studying and working abroad have always been so important to me. I have a passion for writing and reading. I find intellectuality and intriguing people amusing. I’m also fascinated with the way people communicate with each other and interact.  Studying communication studies so far has been fruitful both theoretically and in practical situations. Taking up an internship at Barcelona Home, I hope to learn more about what goes into Marketing, Management and targeting different audiences. I hope to get into Political Science and Content Writing one day, although what I’m currently doing is somewhat different, it’s a good start. Acquiring new and different skills are two things that excite me and I look forward to being part of Barcelona-Home’s team.





Support the implementation of marketing tactics and campaigns, Make timely updates to website and social channels, including blogs, Website’s product content management: edit/write descriptions for rental apartments, Write blogs about places and events in Barcelona to increase the exposure of Barcelona Home, Create website contents through WordPress to advertise affiliated partners’ products, Provide assistance wherever there is a need