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Have you ever dreamed of having that picture perfect picnic in the park with your significant other, friends or family but the very thought of organizing such a spread drives you to the nearest restaurant for convenience sake? If you have answered yes then you are not alone! Organizing a picnic is no simple task since there are countless components to remember. It requires purchasing food, drink, bringing cutlery and blankets… and that’s just the start. Thanks to the innovative people at Picnic! Picnic!, you no longer have to wait in line for a table or miss the sunshine as a result of sitting in a crowded restaurant. Picnic! Picnic! Company does exactly what it says on the tin. They are a company which cater for all your picnic needs, providing you with everything imaginable for your perfect picnic experience. All you have to do is show up!

Sounds exactly like what you have been looking for right? You may be wondering how this ingenious service works, let’s see….

The picnic company has simplified their offering down into a 2-step-process:

  1. Choose your picnic basket. These baskets include all your necessary kitchenware and basket based on your reference. You will also be asked to select the picnic date, amount of people that will be attending and delivery time. All of these details ensure a seamless picnic experience for you and your guest/guests.
  2. Choose the contents of your basket in terms of food and drinks. This is where you can really personalize your picnic based on taste. The picnic company provides delicious fresh dishes in each of their baskets. Choose from a pre-selected menu or create your own with the products you like most. Among the food choices are meats, cheeses and cakes to name but a few.


Picnic basket packages options

In offering picnic basket selections, Picnic! Picnic! realizes that variety is key. For this reason, they have designed three basket packages. They include:

  • The Grab and Go Picnic Basket. Designed for those who love freedom, the basket can be delivered to any location in the city, you don’t have to give anything back and the basket is light weight so it can be taken anywhere.
  • The Plus Picnic Basket. Offering a mixture of comfort, style and freedom, this basket offers a comfortable experience as it includes cushions, a waterproof blanket and mosquito net, for example.
  • Luxury Picnic Basket. Ideal for those who wish to go all out and dine outdoors in style, this basket is the perfect way to celebrate something special in style. Picnic! Picnic! does all the work, they arrive at your chosen location and set up as per your request. When you have finished, they will return and clean up so you don’t have to lift a finger.


What’s great about Picnic! Picnic! is that they can accommodate a picnic almost anywhere in the city. So if you are puzzled for picnic locations and want to find the perfect spot to impress, their team can recommendations accompanied by descriptions, photos, directions. Through experience, they have also know the more intricate details which make for an enjoyable picnic such as where the best grass, pine trees, shade, pools and activities are and can help you pick the perfect spot based on the occasion.

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